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Scott Phillips

We are pretty sure you have not heard much about him or maybe you did not even recognize him but the guy is a talented drummer, writer, musician, and even producer.

(Photo: William Burkle)

1. His full name is Thomas Scott "Flip" Phillips and he was born on February 22, 1973.

2. He was born and raised in Madison, California, and began playing drums at age 18 in a band called Crosscut.

3. He never took drum lessons and even taught himself to play the piano and saxophone.

4. In 1994 while he was a student, Mark Tremonti and Scott Stapp were forming a band, recruited more members to the band, and after several auditions joined, Brian Marshall on bass, Scott Philips on drums, and guitarist Brian Brasher (but Brian left after less than a year).


5. The band's debut album "My Own Prison" was released in 1997 and was a huge success with sales of over 6 million copies. Four singles were released from the album: "My Own Prison", "Torn", "What's This Life For", and "One" and all four took first place on the Billboard Rock chart. Which made the band the first to achieve this with a debut album.

6. Phillips plays the drums of course but also keyboards on all the band's albums.

7. The band's second album "Human Clay" was released in 1999, the first single released from the album "Higher" topped the charts and spent 17 weeks in the first place. With the release of the album it immediately took first place on the Billboard 200 and became an insane success as it sold over 10 million copies in the first two years and gave the band its first and only Grammy win.

8. With the success of the album, the band established its position as a hard rock leader in the post-Grunge era.

9. The band's third album "Weathered" was released in 2001 and was also a resounding success, occupying first place on Billboard and staying there for 8 weeks in a row. The tour to promote the album, which was a huge success, was in fact the band's swan song, this time due to Stapp's addiction to alcohol and painkillers.

10. The breaking point was after in December 2002 Stapp came on stage drugged and drunk and failed to fully complete one song. The show was discontinued and two years later the band officially disbanded.

11. Immediately after the official dissolution, Termonti joins the other two members of Creed to form a new band. After seeing and liking the performances of his band The Mayfield Four, the trio invited Myles Kennedy to join the band and thus formed Alter Bridge.

(Photo: Dan Sturgess)

12. They released their debut album "One Day Remains" in August 2004, the album was a success and reached number five on Billboard while staying there for 14 weeks.

13. Back in the same year Phillips played the role of the drums in half of the debut album of the American hard rock band from Texas Submersed.

14. In 2007 the band released their second album (and the masterpiece to be noted) "Blackbird". Although the album only reached number 13 on Billboard, it received rave reviews from critics and later became one of the band's biggest albums. After the release of the album, the band went on a tour to promote it and there is even a DVD called Live from Amsterdam that was recorded during the tour. Look for it... Highly recommended!

(Photo: Pinterest)

15. Although Tremonti has repeatedly claimed in a fair number of interviews that Creed belongs to the past and has no future in sight, in 2009 the quartet returned and released their fourth album "Full Circle". The album was not a great success, but one performance from the tour broke records. The band performed in September 2009 in Houston Texas in front of 239 cameras and millions of viewers, with the show being broadcast live via the Internet. There were several other Guinness World Records broken at this show.

16. In 2011 Alter Bridge released their third album "AB III" (which is also needless to say a masterpiece album). The album's lead single "Isolation" topped the US rock charts. Here too you can find a live performance from the album tour, called "Live at Wembley".

17. In 2012 the members of the Creed band started working on another album, but the album did not materialize and this was actually the last year of the band members together as Creed.

18. In the same year, Philips, along with Sevendust band members, John Connolly, Vinnie Hornsby, and Tremonti's guitarist Eric Friedman, formed the supergroup Projected.

19. They released that year their debut album "Human" and five years later they released their second, double, and final album "Ignite My Insanity".

20. In 2013, Alter released her fourth album "Fortress". It's one of the band's most powerful and gruesome albums.

21. That same year Alter released her fifth album called "The Last Hero", Tremonti claimed that the album was a combination of "Blackbird" and "Fortress" together.

22. In October 2019 the band released their sixth album "Walk the Sky" (we did not say this about the previous two but this is a masterful album squared).

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