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Creed - Weathered

A Sneak Peek...

On November 20, 2001, "Creed"'s third album "Weathered" was released.

This album is the band's final chord, even though eight years later their last album "Full Circle" was released and the band officially disbanded in 2004.

This marks the initial album without bassist Brian Marshall, with Mark Tremonti assuming all bass responsibilities in the recordings. Right from the outset, it's evident that the band, likened to a "Sawmill from Texas," opted for a heightened intensity, wielding a double-chain saw instead of the usual. Concurrently, Scott Stapp's vocals seem to delve into lower octaves.

Apart from standout tracks like "Bullets," showcasing Tremonti's peak performance and standing out as one of the band's most forceful songs, "One Last Breath," and the emotionally charged "My Sacrifice," the album lacks many standout or dazzling songs.

Despite this, the album swiftly claimed the top spot on the Billboard 200 and achieved nearly a million copies in its inaugural week of release. All the tracks were penned by Scott, while Tremonti handled the musical composition.

Let's delve into the symbolism behind the album's title and cover. The album's title, meaning erosion by weather, suggests a process of gradual wearing down over time, whether it be bone, a person, or anything else susceptible to environmental forces. This choice could reflect the state the band found itself in during the album's release — a period where internal strains and challenges were causing fractures, hinting at an impending end.

However, the album cover introduces a compelling contrast. It features the faces of the band members engraved on a tree, a symbol of strength and endurance that appears impervious to weathering. This visual paradox prompts reflection. Despite the title's connotation of erosion and decay, the image on the cover seems to defy this concept. The robust and enduring tree, with the band members' faces etched upon it, might signify resilience and the ability to weather challenges, suggesting a potential for lasting survival even in the face of internal turbulence.

In essence, the juxtaposition between the album's title and its cover creates a thought-provoking narrative, inviting listeners to contemplate the band's resilience and enduring spirit amid the perceived erosion within.

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