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David Bar-Tal and Lior Maron

The bond between David and and Lior is the result of the delusional and accidental encounter that took place somewhere in Tanzania, Africa.
After a few minutes of conversation about utterly boring and obviously unimportant matters, the two found out that not only do they share a common intense love to music, but they are also two tireless "non-stop talkers" who drive those around them crazy with non stop monologues about riffs, rhythms, beats, albums, shows and artists.


David musical taste began to take shape in the early 1980s, in the holy triangle of the "Allegro",
"The Record House" and "Fazz" record stores and it took shape at the "Heavy Rock" nights (that was the name than) in the "Dan" cinema club, through the dark new-wave parties in the underground "Penguin" night club, to the legendary shows of the "Roxxen" and Logos" clubs in Tel-Aviv.

Lior spent most of his adolescence listening to sticky pop songs and uncompromised admiration for boy bands, but after going through a difficult and painful "rehab" process while he was a radio broadcaster in his High School (Ronson, Ashkelon) as part of the "Logos" (Hed Artzi), he quickly caught up with the gap and began to absorb in determination an entire rock music catalogue


The concept for the podcast came up during a routine encounter between David and Lior after discovering how much they enjoyed debating, arguing but mostly agreeing that "without music, life was a mistake" (Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche).


So what are we doing here?

Making a dream come true !!!

We are here to share with you the music we eat, drink, breathe and love.
But mostly we are here to get excited, enjoy and share music!


Face/Off - עימות חזיתי with David Bar-Tal and Lior Maron

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