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Scott Stapp

His charismatic but very complicated personality is very famous and after the breakup of his mother band, he tried to embark on a new path.

No doubt he has a tremendous voice and is also a talented musician, here are some facts about the musician Scott Stapp:


1. His full name is Anthony Scott Flippen and he was born on August 8, 1973, in Florida, USA.

2. At the age of 5 his father left home and reluctantly Scott became the responsible adult with two little sisters when his mother was barely present at home.

3. When he was 10 years old his mother remarried and Scott got a new dad, he said it was a dream come true since he gave back the "dad" responsibilities and was less bullied at school for not having a dad.

4. His new father also had very strong religious influences on Scott, he forced him to read the Bible every day. In addition, he would require him to copy entire chapters and then write his enlightenments on each chapter. The subject of Christianity greatly influenced Scott and accompanied him throughout his life.

5. Scott was very influenced by Elvis Presley, his mother was in love with Elvis and there were a lot of his records at home. Scott learned to sing while imitating Elvis' songs, this is what got him into the school's choir, the first step in his musical career.

6. In one of the interviews, Scott said that when his mother was in a crisis and did not know how to feed her children, he assured her that one day he would be more famous than Elvis and that she would never have to worry about anything.

7. In addition to music Scott has developed a more significant hobby, baseball player. The sport was his escape from reality and the fact that his father whom he admired was also a baseball player only gave him more motivation to invest in the sport. He dreamed of playing in college and becoming a player in the professional league but it did not materialize.

8. Scott who wanted to be a professional baseball player wanted to study at Vanderbilt University where he was promised a baseball scholarship but his father refused and sent him to a Christian university. As his dream shattered, Scott returned to Florida and began studying at Florida State University where he met his high school friend Mark Tremonti.

9. Scott realized that his future in baseball was gone and in search of his new future he remembered the promise he made to his mother in the context of Elvis...


10. In 1994 during their studies the two discovered the common love they have for creating music and started writing and playing together. In order to form a band, the two began recruiting more members to the band and after several auditions joined Brian Marshall on bass, Scott Philips on drums, and guitarist Brian Brasher (but Brian left after less than a year).

11. The band name was brought by Marshall from his previous band name "Mattox Creed", Stapp liked the word "Creed" and everyone decided on the name. By the way, the band's first name which was only for a week, was "Naked Toddler".

12. The band's debut album "My Own Prison" was released in 1997 and was a huge success with sales of over 6 million copies. Four singles were released from the album: "My Own Prison", "Torn", "What's This Life For", and "One" and four of them took first place on the Billboard Rock chart. Which made the band the first to achieve this with a debut album.

13. Scott said that what made this album so successful for him was the synergy between him and Mark with the producer/recording technician, John Kerswick. The three young guys had a talent that developed over the years and when they combined it together in the studio it was perfect.

14. The band's second album "Human Clay" was released in 1999, when the first single from the album "Higher" topped the charts and spent 17 weeks in first place. With the release of the album, it immediately took first place on the Billboard 200 and became a huge success, selling about 10 million copies in the first two years and giving the band its first and only Grammy win.

15. After touring to promote the album, Brian's addiction to alcohol gained momentum, Termonti and Scott demanded he will be put in rehab if he want to stay in the band. Since he refused to rehab he was fired and on the band's next album, Tremonti was the one who also played the bass.

16. The band's third album "Weathered" was released in 2001 and was also a resounding success, taking first place on Billboard and staying there for 8 consecutive weeks. The tour to promote the album, which was a huge success, was actually the band's swan song, this time it was Scott's addiction to alcohol and painkillers that decided.

17. One of Scott's most difficult experiences with the band was addressing the issue of Christianity. In light of Scott's religious lyrics and various statements about the way God passes through his songs, many have given the band the label 'Christian band'. The rest of the band members who did not connect and even resent the label hung the blame on Scott and which was hard for him to cope.

18. The breaking point was in December 2002 when Scott went on stage drugged and drunk and failed to fully complete a single song. The show that took place in Chicago was stopped and two years later the band officially disbanded.

(Photo: Thom Seling)

19. In 2009 the quartet returned and released their fourth album "Full Circle". The album was not a great success, but one performance from the tour broke records. The band performed in September 2009 in Houston Texas in front of 239 cameras and millions of viewers, with the show being broadcast live via the Internet. There were a number of other Guinness records broken in this show.

20. In 2012 Scott and Mark entered the studio to work on "Creed's" next album, despite rumors about the hours the two spent together creating new music, at one point Mark abandoned the project in light of the deteriorating relationship between the two and the album did not materialize.

21. In 2005 Scott released his debut solo album "The Great Divide". Scott said he released the album to encourage his ego. After the breakup of "Creed", his drug and alcohol addiction intensified and he looked for a way to prove to the world that the band is not everything and that he is bigger than it. The album from which the singles "Justify" and "Surrounded Me" came out was a great success and even reached number 19 on Billboard.

22. After the release of the album, Scott's condition deteriorated due to his addiction to alcohol and drugs. It failed to function and the acoustic and special tour that began at the end of September ended after only one month.

23. In 2013 Scott released his second solo album "Proof of Life", Scott said that this is the most significant and sincere album he has created in his life. In this album, he shares all the mess he had in life as he tries to turn it into different and positive messages.

(Photo: Sebastian Smith)

24. In 2016 Scott replaced Scott Weiland in the band "Art of Anarchy", he released with them one album “The Madness” which was released that year. He was then sued by the band for refusing to participate in the campaign to promote the album.

25. In 2019, his third album “The Space Between the Shadows” was released. The album was a comeback that brought Scott back to the headlines.

26. For most of his life Scott suffered from mental problems that led him to drugs and alcohol, his problematic personality created a lot of friction in "Creed", which led to various arrests and even several suicide attempts. In 2015, Scott told, "People" magazine in an interview that he was diagnosed as "bipolar" and that gave him the answer he had been looking for all his life, in drugs, alcohol, and religion.

27. In July 2023 Creed announced they will reunite for their first shows in 12 years, they set sail on the "Summer of ’99" cruise as headliners of the rock voyage, and the band will perform together with other bands like "3 Doors Down".

Listen to his latest solo album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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