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Zakk Wylde

He's a singer, he's a guitarist, he's a Viking whose favorite ax is "Gibson Les Paul Custom."

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Here are some facts about Zakk Wylde:

1. He was born to parents of Irish descent, in New Jersey USA, on January 14, 1967. The name given to him at birth was Jeffrey Phillip Wielandt.

2. He started playing guitar already at the age of 8, but he took the matter seriously only a few years later. His parents said he would play from the moment he returned from school continuously sometimes even until the next morning.

3. At the age of 14 he started working in the music store "Silvertone-Music". There, he became acquainted with Heavy Metal. It gave him the motivation to continue practicing and mastering the guitar.

4. Zakk was initially influenced by guitarists like Jimmy Page, Eric Clapton, Angus Young, Eddie Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Randy Rhoads.

5. The first band he played in was called "Stone Henge" and later he joined the band "Zyris".

6. In 1987, he joined Ozzy Osbourne's backing band. After the dismissal of guitarist Jake E. Lee, Zakk's a demo tape was rolled out to Ozzy's hands and he invited him to a successful audition.

7. The first album that Zakk co-wrote as part of Ozzy Osbourne's band was "No Rest for the Wicked", which was released in 1988. Beyond playing the guitar Zakk co-wrote all the songs.

8. Zakk continued to be an integral part of Ozzy Osbourne's band until 1995, when he was temporarily replaced by Joe Holmes, until his return to the band in 2001, to take part in the album "Down to Earth". During this time Zakk was part of the creation of the masterpiece album "No More Tears".

(Photo: Joseph Okpako)

9. In 1991 he founded the side project "Pride & Glory", in which he also served as a singer. The band released its debut album in 1994.

10. In 1995 Zakk auditioned for "Guns N 'Roses" and even played for a week alongside Axl Rose, but eventually decided not to move on with the band.

11. In 1996 Zakk started his solo career with an album called "Book of Shadows". In 2016 he will release the sequel "Book of Shadows II".

12. In 1998, Zakk formed the "Black Label Society", in which he served as lead singer and lead guitarist. That same year, the band's debut album called "Sonic Brew" was released. Zakk will release 11 more studio albums as part of the band, the most recent of which is "Doom Crew Inc." From 2021.

13. In 2000 he lost his guitar known as "The Grail", after falling from a truck carrying the band's equipment. He posted ads in which he begged for the return of the guitar to him. In 2003 he reunited with his guitar, after a fan purchased it at a neighborhood store in Dallas. The fan received one of Wylde's custom guitars in return.

14. In 2001 Zakk played the role of guitarist in the movie "Rock Star", starring Mark Wahlberg.

15. In 2005 he released the album "Mafia" together with "BLS", which includes a song he wrote in honor of his good friend Dimebag Darrell. The song "In This River" included a very moving clip featuring the characters of Dimebag and Zakk as children.

16. In 2006 Zakk was honored by the Hollywood Rock Walk of Fame in recognition of his work with Ozzy Osbourne and for his contribution to the music industry.

17. That same year, Wylde participated in the Ozzfest Festival, both as Ozzy Osbourne's guitarist and with his band "Black Label Society".

18. In 2010 Zakk played a small role in the movie "Bones", alongside Jimmy Bennett.

19. In 2011 he was a guest actor on one episode of the masterpiece series "Californication".

20. That same year he was a guest on the mini-album "Rebels" by the band "Black Veil Brides".

21. In 2014 he formed the cover band "Zakk Sabbath" playing songs of "Black Sabbath".

(Photo: Fanart.TV)

22. He's part of the "Generation Axe" supergroup alongside great guitarists like Steve Vai, Nuno Bettencourt, Yngwie Malmsteen and more.

23. In 2012 he gave his boy the name Sabbath Page, as a tribute to the musicians who influenced him. This was not the first tribute. He has another son named Hendrix.

24. In 2022 he joined the reunion of "Pantera" and stepped into the big shoes of his good friend Dimebag Darrell.

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