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Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes - Fused

On July 11, 2005 Tony Iommi released his second solo album "Fused".

This project, crafted in collaboration with vocalist/bassist Glenn Hughes and drummer Kenny Aronoff, Marking Iommi & Hughes third partnership and exemplifies their combined musical prowess.

So how it all started?

Tony Iommi and Glenn Hughes first collaboration was on the 1986 "Black Sabbath" album "Seventh Star". In 1996, they recorded new material, which was shelved when Iommi reunited with "Black Sabbath". This material was officially released in 2004 as "The 1996 DEP Sessions". Following this resurgence, Iommi and Hughes decided to create a new, riff-oriented album, resulting in "Fused" a year later. Joined by session drummer Kenny Aronoff, they aimed for a heavier sound compared to the more melody-based "DEP Sessions". Co-producer Bob Marlette, who co-wrote all the songs with Iommi and Hughes, also contributed by playing keyboards and bass.

From the opening track "Dopamine" "Fused" immediately draws listeners into a heavy, dense, although atmospheric soundscape. Tony Iommi's unmistakable heavy riffing style is front and center, with thick, sludgy guitar tones driving the music. The production, modern and crisp, maintains the raw energy that defines Iommi's work, creating a perfect blend of old-school heaviness and contemporary polish.

The trio achieved their goal of creating a heavier, more riff-driven album, evident in tracks like "Face Your Fear", "The Spell", "What You're Living For" with its driving rhythm and infectious hooks, showcasing the trio's tight chemistry. Interestingly, the best tracks are those where melody shines through, such as "Grace" a standout, featuring a haunting melody that transitions into a powerful, heavy chorus and "Deep Inside His Shell" - Another track where melody slips in, providing a contrast to the heavier riffs. The song explores themes of isolation and vulnerability. The album concludes on an epic note with the near-ten-minute blues "I Go Insane", featuring soulful vocals, heavy riffs, and powerful drumming. This track encapsulates the essence of "Fused", ending the album on a high note.

Glenn Hughes, renowned for his work with "Deep Purple" and "Trapeze", brings dynamic vocal performance to the album. His voice, a mix of soulful melodies and gritty power, complements Iommi's dark, brooding guitar work. His wide range vocals are evident already in the second track of the album "Wasted Again". The lyrics throughout "Fused" delve into themes of personal struggle, introspection, and resilience, adding emotional depth to the heavy riffs and thunderous rhythms.

"Fused" also includes several bonus tracks that offer additional depth to the album. "Let It Down Easy" is available as a Japan bonus track, "The Innocence" as an "iTunes" bonus track, and "Slip Away" as a "" bonus track. These tracks provide further insight into the trio's creative process and add extra layers to the album's already rich soundscape.

In conclusion, Just like its name "Fused" blend the powerful riffs, with the melodic emotive vocals, and that makes it an essential listening for fans of Tony Iommi's heavy riffs and Glenn Hughes powerful vocals.

The album is not available for listening in most music streaming platforms, so we created a YouTube playlist for you.

For Listening: YouTube

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