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Pink Floyd - Pulse

On May, 29, 1995 "Pink Floyd" Released their third live album "P·U·L·S·E".

"Pulse" is an extraordinary live album that showcases "Pink Floyd's" musical brilliance, captivating performance, and lasting impact on the rock music landscape after Roger waters era of the band.

Recorded during their two-week residency at London's "Earls Court" in October 1994, this album immortalizes a monumental moment in the band's history.

The tour captured on "Pulse" was designed to promote "Pink Floyd's" album "The Division Bell" marking their artistic evolution following Roger Waters' departure. While the newer material takes center stage, it is the band's awe-inspiring rendition of "The Dark Side Of The Moon", played in its entirely, that steals the show. The sheer skill with which "Pink Floyd" recreates this iconic album in a live setting is a testament to their mastery and the enduring popularity of their groundbreaking work.

"Pulse" goes beyond a mere live recording; it is an audio masterpiece. The album's production is meticulous, capturing every nuance of "Pink Floyd's" performance with stunning clarity. The mix allows the listener to fully appreciate the intricacies of each instrument, creating an immersive experience where the music envelops the senses.

Those who own the original VHS of the show (later reissued on DVD and Blueray), knows very well that the visual aspect of the "Division Bell" tour cannot be overstated. The stage setup is a spectacle in itself, with a massive wall of lights, lasers, videos, and special effects that envelops the band and the audience. It's a testament to "Pink Floyd's" dedication to creating a multisensory experience, where one can almost forget that there's a live band on stage amid the breathtaking visual extravaganza.

But while the visual aspect of the "Division Bell" tour is legendary, it is the music itself that shines on "Pulse."

From the opening notes of "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" the band captivates the audience with their musical prowess. David Gilmour's emotive vocals and masterful guitar solos showcase his status as one of rock's greatest guitarists. Rick Wright's ethereal keyboards and Nick Mason's precise drumming provide the backbone of "Pink Floyd's" distinctive sound, while the other 9 musicians on stage, including Bassist and vocalist Guy Pratt's, adding depth and texture to the compositions.

After the chilling opening track, comes a huge surprise with the inclusion of "Astronomy Domine" - a Syd Barrett composition not performed since the early 1970s, adds a nostalgic touch, reminding listeners of "Pink Floyd's" roots and legacy and paying homage to their influential founding member.

From there, the band delves into the best of their post-Waters catalog, including tracks from "The Division Bell" and "A Momentary Lapse of Reason". While some long-time "Floyd" fans may favor their earlier work, the performances of these newer tracks create an atmosphere of anticipation for what lies ahead.

The first half of the album builds up to an unforgettable climax. The transition from a free and improvised version of "Another Brick in the Wall" to the fierce instrumental classic "One of These Days" is a standout moment. Watching two inflatable pigs hovering above the crowd while Gilmour's guitar wails with captivating "slide" effects is a highlight that showcases the band's prowess and the sheer joy they exude during their performances.

ABut then comes the highlight of the entire show. The crowd roar unveiling a pulsating heartbeat. This signals the commencement of "The Dark Side Of The Moon" with the opening track, "Speak to Me" The subsequent performances of tracks like "Breathe", "On the Run", and the famously orgasmic "Great Gig in the Sky" are flawless, with Sam Browne delivering a superb vocal performance. The visual side include a burning plane that crosses the entire hall and an awe-inspiring lighting display, further elevate the experience.

As the masterpiece album "The Dark Side Of The Moon" unfolds, the band delves into beloved classics such as "Wish You Were Here" and the iconic "Comfortably Numb". where Gilmour's soul-stirring guitar solos take center stage, leaving audiences breathless for the grand finale of "Run Like Hell" features mind-boggling visual effects, culminating in a climactic conclusion that leaves the audience in awe.

(Photo: Pink Floyd via Facebook)

Beyond the individual performances, the collective synergy of Pink Floyd is palpable throughout "Pulse." The band's chemistry is evident in every note, displaying a level of musical telepathy that can only be attained through years of shared experiences on and off the stage. Their ability to seamlessly transition between different musical moods and atmospheres is a testament to their artistic maturity and the enduring impact of their sound.

"Pulse" not only showcases "Pink Floyd's" musical prowess, but also highlights their enduring legacy and their ability to "shine on" after Waters. The album reached number one on The Billboard 200 in June 1995 and achieved gold, platinum, and double platinum certifications shortly after its release. This album is a testament to the band's ability to resonate with listeners across generations and solidify their status as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

It is interesting to note, that The first versions of the album included a small red LED light on the side that was supposed to flash for 18 months, synchronizing with the heartbeat of "Speak to Me".

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