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Nick Mason

He's the only member of "Pink Floyd" who appears on each and every one of the band's albums, he's a drummer, he's a songwriter, he's a talented producer, his name is Nick Mason and we want to tell you some facts about him:

(Photo: Jorgen Angel)

1. He was born Nicholas Berkeley Mason on 27 January 1944, in Birmingham England.

2. As a child he took piano and violin lessons, but soon realized it was not for him and switched to drums.

3. In 1964, while studying architecture at Regent Street Polytechnic (now the University of the West Ministers), he met Roger Waters, Bob Klose, and Rick Wright, with whom he formed the band "Sigma 6."

4. After the breakup of "Sigma 6" in 1965, Mason, Waters and Rick Wright joined Syd Barrett and co-founded "Pink Floyd".

5. In "Pink Floyd" Mason co-wrote songs such as "Echoes", "Time", "Careful With That Ax, Eugene" and "One of These Days".

6. Mason wrote only two songs from Pink Floyd's huge repertoire by himself: "The Grand Vizier's Garden Party Parts 1-3" from "Ummagumma" and "Speak to Me" from "The Dark Side Of The Moon".

7. The only "Pink Floyd" song that Mason sings in, is "Corporal Clegg" from the album "A Saucerful of Secrets". There, too, he only sang during the verses.

8. Other songs in which Mason's voice can be heard talking are: "Signs of Life", "Learning to Fly" and "One of These Days" in which he is responsible for the iconic sentence: "One of these days, I'm gonna cut you into little pieces ".

9. An interesting detail about the song "Learning to Fly", is that Mason's voice there was recorded during his first solo flight.

10. Mason is also responsible for some of the recordings of the effects heard on the band's albums.

11. Mason is also a respected producer and has produced masterpieces such as Robert Wyatt's "Rock Bottom", Gong's "Shamal", Steve Hillage's "Green" and even The Damned's "Music for Pleasure".

12. In 1981 Mason released his first solo album - "Nick Mason's Fictitious Sports", featuring singer Robert Wyatt.

13. In 1985 he collaborated with Rick Fenn - "10CC" guitarist and released the album "Profiles".

14. Since then he has released with him four more soundtracks for movies.

15. Mason also collaborated with jazz artist Michael Mantler and since 1976 has participated in five of his albums.

16. Along with "Pink Floyd", Mason released 15 studio albums.

17. He owns a number of luxury cars with which he also competes in racing.

(Photo: The Sunday Times Driving)

18. In 2004 he published his book "Inside Out: A Personal History of Pink Floyd", which presents the story of the band in a humorous way.

19. In 2018 he formed "Nick Mason's Saucerful of Secrets", in which he performs "Pink Floyd" songs from the Syd Barrett era.

20. As mentioned, Mason is the only member of "Pink Floyd" to appear on each and every one of the band's records.

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