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Glenn Hughes

Legendary bassist, singer, and songwriter Glenn Hughes is celebrating his birthday today, and judging by the tremendous voice he still has, his look, and his insane energy, we would not give him one day more than 30.

(Photo: Stuart Westwood)

This mighty singer who earned the obligatory nickname "The Voice of Rock" given to him by no other than Stevie Wonder, started his career back in the sixties as a bassist and singer in the pop rock band "Finders Keepers" and from there moved to the funk rock band "Trapeze", where he also played piano.

He got his big fame when he replaced bassist Roger Glover with Deep Purple's"" MKIII lineup. Glenn Hughes was chosen for the role not only because of his high musical abilities but mainly because of his mighty voice designed to back the legendary singer David Coverdale in the high tones. After the departure of Ritchie Blackmore Hughes continued with "Deep Purple" in her MKIV lineup until its dissolution.

Hughes co-wrote a significant portion of the songs in "Deep Purple"'s lineups and influenced the band's musical style during his time there.

In the early 1980s Hughes was part of the band "Hughes and Thrall" and later took part in the band "Phenomena", which also included Mel Galley from the band "Whitesnake", John Wetton known among others from "King Crimson" and Brian May from "Queen". At the same time, Hughes also participated in the album "Run For Cover" by the legendary guitarist Gary Moore.

In 1986, Hughes was a member of "Black Sabbath"'s "Seventh Star" album, originally intended to be Tony Iommi's solo project, but later under pressure from the record label was renamed "Black Sabbath". Although the album did not receive rave reviews, it is an excellent album, thanks in no small part to Hughes' vocal performance. Glenn Hughes will also later collaborate with Tony Iommi on his solo albums, including "Iommi" from 2000.

At the same time, Hughes continued his extensive solo career, which includes no less than 14 studio albums.

The scope of Hughes' projects and collaborations is inconceivable, he has played with "Night Ranger" John Normum from "Europe", Keith Emerson from ELP, Jeff Downs, Joe Satriani, Joe Lynn Turner, and even led the young band "California Breed".

Since 2019 Hughes is also a part of the supergroup "The Dead Daisies" alongside guitarist Doug Aldrich. In 2020 they released the album "Holy Ground" and on 2022 the album "Radiance".

But the most notable project from recent years in our opinion, is the supergroup "Black Country Communion" along with legendary guitarist Joe Bonamassa, Jason Bonham, and Derek Sherinian from "Dream Theater". Hughes who is the oldest member of this band proves that he is still a huge singer who has not lost in any way his voice and charisma. The band's four albums present an excellent, lively, rhythmic, and kicking lineup with amazing music and a phenomenal level of playing.

So let's wish Glenn Hughes many more good and fruitful years of music.

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