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The Dead Daisies – Holy Ground

On January 22, 2021, "The Dead Daisies" released their fifth studio album "Holy Ground".

The Dead Daisies are an Australian-American supergroup formed in 2013, by businessman and musician David Lowy.

This is a collective musical lineup, whose anchor is guitarist David Lowy, who hosts well-known and good musicians on the band albums and performances, using the "revolving door" method.

In addition to David Lowy, the band now includes guitarist Doug Aldrich familiar to as the "X-Men" of "Whitesnake" and "Dio", drummer and singer Deen Castronovo known mainly from the bands "Journey" and "Bad English" and the singer and bassist Glenn Hughes.

Glenn Hughes' entry into the lineup breathed new life into it, both in terms of writing and playing. Hughes actually replaced two veteran band members: bassist Marco Mendoza who was a member of "Thin Lizzy" and "Whitesnake" and singer John Corabi who replaced Vince Neal in "Motley Crue", in 1992.

Immediately after Glenn Hughes joined the band, they closed their previous episode with the compilation album "Locked and Loaded" and the new band entered the rehearsal room to write material for their next album. The process was different this time. All the members were partners in the creation process and the feeling of unity and formation is heard and felt well, when listening to the album.

From first hearing, it seems that the chemistry between the four members of the band is amazing. The tracks here are mostly built on big riffs that convey all the drama, passion, and emotion of classic Hard Rock, with touches of Blues.

The materials sound diverse and high quality and in this regard, there is no doubt that Glenn Hughes' addition to the lineup contributed greatly to the result.

The first single "Unspoken", was released in April 2020 and created a huge expectations among fans, with the great voice of Glenn Hughes and the amazing guitar work of Doug Aldrich. It's one of the most beautiful songs on the album, thanks in no small part to its special melody and catchy chorus. We also get Glenn Hughes' bass solo and one of Doug's amazing solos on the album, do not miss it...

The second single "Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)", was released on December 3 and has already finally proven that it's a crazy album, that is going to "shack our memory" (as its subtitle tells) and remind us how they used to make real music in the good old days. This one came to kick us hard. Despite His advanced age Glenn Hughes is among the best rock singers walking among us and he definitely justifies the nickname "The Voice Of Rock", as he proves once more that he is still able to fly with his voice high above the band's groove. Doug Aldrich is an interesting guitarist. Not for nothing was he part of the two big lineups ("Whitesnake" and "Dio") almost simultaneously He adds to the intensity of the song with a bold guitar solo before Hughes returns to sing.

"Like No Other (Bassline)" is Glenn Hughes in all his glory, right from the first second. The baseline that opens the song, the rhythm, the groove, the funk touches, and the versatile singing. His singing moans and growls and his words are deep and real. Sounds like he's just hitting the bass with a "slamming" technique that keeps the rhythm and allows Doug to give us a fiery solo while leaving room for Glenn Hughes' solo as well.

"Bustle And Flow" sits on a steady 4/4 beat by Deen Castronovo with a heavy metallic riff by Doug Aldrich and shrill vocals that will occasionally remind you of "Led Zeppelin".

"Saving Grace" is also a heavy mid-tempo track, with a prominent "Led Zeppelin" in its leading riff. But later on, a surprise awaits us with a melodic and sweet rock chorus before Doug Aldrich takes the listeners on another deadly guitar trip. Deen Castronovo's drumming is large, open, and epic and holds all the weight of the heavy, metallic riffs on it.

Among the 11 songs on the album is one cover version, the song "30 Days in the Hole" which was originally performed by "Humble Pie".

For Listening: Spotify, Apple Music

Song List:

  1. Holy Ground (Shake The Memory)

  2. Like No Other (Bassline)

  3. Come Alive

  4. Bustle And Flow

  5. My Fate

  6. Chosen And Justified

  7. Saving Grace

  8. Unspoken

  9. 30 Days In The Hole

  10. Righteous Days

  11. Far Away

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