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Roger Glover

Legendary composer, producer, and bassist Roger Glover is celebrating his birthday today.

(Photo: Carlos Delgado)

He was born Born near Brecon, Wales on November 30, 1945.

He is best known for his membership in the MKII lineup of "Deep Purple", but he is definitely not just.

Already while he was in high school he formed a band called "Madisons" with his friends. This band later turned into "Episode Six", of which Ian Gillan was also a member of. The two joined "Deep Purple" in 1969. Glover was chosen due in part to his writing abilities.

The first bass role he recorded for "Deep Purple" was for the song "Hallelujah", which was released as a single.

In September 1969 he recorded the album "Concerto for Group and Orchestra" with "Deep Purple", during a performance at the Royal Albert Hall.

In June 1970, "Deep Purple" released its first rock album with Glover, "In Rock". Already on this album Glover demonstrated his amazing writing and playing abilities.

Glover will later release three more masterpieces with the band, before leaving the band with Ian Gillan.

After leaving "Deep Purple" he released five solo albums, including the concept children's story album "The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast", in which he collaborated with David Coverdale and Ronnie James Dio, among others.

Glover later became a sought-after producer who produced albums for bands such as "Nazareth", "ELF", "Judas Priest", Status "Quo", David Coverdale, "Michael Schenker Group", "Ian Gillan Band", "Rainbow" and more.

From 1979 to 1984, beginning with the album "Down to Earth", Glover served as bassist, songwriter, and producer for "Rainbow", along with Ritchie Blackmore, his friend from "Deep Purple".

In 1984 he will be part of the reunion of Deep Purple's MKII lineup, with the marvelous comeback album "Perfect Strangers", and since then he has been part of the band and has released 10 more studio albums to date, including the excellent studio album "Whoosh!" and the cover album "Turning To Crime".

In 1988 he released the album "Accidentally on Purpose" with Ian Gillan.

Roger Glover also has quite a few collaborations and he has also appeared as a player on various albums and lineups, including "Nazareth", "Pretty Maids", Alice Cooper, and of course on the solo albums of his friends from "Deep Purple", Jon Lord, Ian Gillan and David Coverdale.

In addition to playing the bass, Glover also sings and plays other instruments such as: guitar, keyboards, harmonica, and saxophone.

So let's wish the rock legend a happy birthday and celebrate it with a nice playlist we've prepared for you: Click Here.

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