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Soundgarden - King Animal

Soundgarden's latest album was released on November 13, 2012 !!

This is the band's "rebirth" album and by no means call it a comeback album !! Because it's fate...

"But it's fate

I only ever really wanted a break

I’ve been away for too long

Though I never really wanted to stay

I’ve been away for too long

I've been away for too long

I've been away for too long"

We remember when we heard in 2012 that Soundgarden were back to perform and maybe even release a new album together, we were in total shock !!! After all, there was almost nothing left of the grunge at that time. STPs have been gone since 2010, Pearl Jam were light years away from the revolution they were partners in in the early 90s, Alice In Chains lost their voice somewhere in 1995 and Nirvana... no need to explain. So when the only band left in its original lineup says it might release an album, we immediately felt the tremors and general weakness that attacked our bodies. Even our hearts melted within us.

What an excitement it was, the band we love so much, with the sound so unique, heavy and rough, with the amazing lyrics and one of the most talented vocalists in the world, back in action, performing and creating. We longed to find out what the friends from Seattle were preparing for us after 16 years of not working together. We read every bit of information, searched the web for testimonies, clues and parts of sounds, just to know what awaited us. Then on September 27, 2012, the first single from the album "Been Away Too Long" (quoted above) came out, and it kind of came to explain to us what we here, right now, are listening to Soundgarden's album. Call it fate, call it longing, call it back from the dark, a revival, it does not matter, because this album is real, rough, heavy and melodic just like before. It sounded like it was recorded in the 1990s, buried in a time capsule and reappeared over two decades later.

All this nostalgic magic began when the band members met in 2009 to discuss the re-release of some of their material and a new Merch'. Then, in 2010 Chris Cornell surprised everyone on Twitter when he wrote:

“The 12-year break is over and school is back in session. Sign up now. Knights of the Soundtable ride again!”

In 2010 the band members made a decision that they are re-learning their old songs, will hold some shows for fun and that's it. But while recording a new song called "Black Rain" released in 2010 as part of a collection called Telephantasm, they felt the electricity flowing through their arteries again and connecting them together. The recordings for the song became a rolling jam session of new material and joint improvisations by all the band members, by which time it was already clear to everyone. They must release a new album!

In the spring of 2011 the "Fantastic Four" entered the famous Studio X studio in Seattle, accompanied by their old friend, producer Adam Kasper, and began working on a new album. Although the work on the album was complex and almost stopped in the middle because of Chris' Songbook tour, in November 2012 the band's sixth album came out, after 16 years of silence. Yes, we have already mentioned it and we will motion it again... 16 years !!! Unfortunately this is also the band's last album before its final dissolution, with Chris' death in 2017.

If we go back a bit in time... In 1996, "Down On The Upside", the band's last album before the long 16-year hiatus, was released. It was a bold, different and varied album, which contributed greatly to the musical disagreement and the different directions that each member of the band wanted to attract. When you think about it "King Animal" is more a sequel to the album "Superunknown" than to "Down On The Upside" that followed...

The album opens with the song "Been Away Too Long" when Chris screams as if he's pissed off about himself but it feels like a little about us too, he's angry that he hasn't been here that long, that no one knows him anymore. Oh and how much we missed Kim's guitar and sound, how much we missed the way Chris' voice was heard above Soundgarden's rhythm division. Already here one feels that the beloved band is back, strong and kicking, just as it was 16 years earlier. Chris said the main idea for the song came to him on a sleepless night, when he wrote the lyrics only at a later stage of the album recording. He noted that they are not necessarily talking specifically only about returning to the band, but also about the whole point of returning to a place you have not been to in a long time.

The album continues to hit us hard with "Non-State Actor" followed immediately by "By Crooked Steps", one of the album's most powerful songs with the syncopations and insane off-beat, with Matt Cameron and Ben serving as the band's perfect rhythm section, allowing Kim and Chris to saw our brains with The heavy and broken reef.

This amazing song that Chris called "a little weird" sits on an asymmetrical rhythm of 5/4 and was released as the second single from the album. It is interesting to note that its music video was directed by none other than Dave Grohl, an honorary member of the Seattle grunge scene himself. And here he is talking about working with Soundgarden on the clip.

As a whole, this album definitely meets the expectations we had from a reviving album of one of our favorite bands, and maintains a uniform and high level almost throughout. "A Thousand Days Before" surprised us with the oriental rhythm, Blood On The "Valley Floor" took us back in time to the first album with the heavy and gloomy reef, the melodic and amazing "Bones Of Birds" completely crushed us and then Chris' voice rapped us, hugged and flew with us up to heaven. Chris wrote this song inspired by his children. He explained that when he wrote the song he thought he did not want his children to lose their innocence and discover the true face of the world. "Taree" was composed back in 1997 by Ben Shepherd and he even recorded a demo of it for his solo album "Deep Owl", but then he decided that this song needed Soundgarden's treatment. Chris wrote the lyrics during the recordings of the album and they are, he claims, his love letter to the Northwestern United States, where he lived and grew up. "Black Saturday" was one of the first songs Chris wrote for the album. He claimed that the bass and melody reminded him of Paul McCartney and the Beatles. As for the lyrics, he noted that they corresponded with the song "Fell On Black Days". Halfway There, according to Cornell, comes from the same family of Fell On Black Days, lyrically. Than to Soundgarden, but we have no problem with that.

Here we must say (which may sound a little annoying to you), but even though it is a good album that meets our expectations in many ways, we still lack a "hit", a catchy song, that will be perceived by us strongly, that will make us feel addictive, that will make us want to listen to it over and over again. , Just like the band's iconic songs from the 1990s.

And in a slightly personal tone, it's very hard to live up to fans' expectations after 16 years of silence. On the one hand we want to go back in time, do "" for the feelings and sensations we had at the time and hear the band we love so much just as we remember it. On the other hand we too have matured, changed, changed our marital status, and we rightly expect the band we have known and loved to be more up-to-date, more innovative, which is probably the dissonance of this album. On the one hand it evokes in us feelings we forgot somewhere in the nineties, which is good, and it's nostalgic and it's fun, and on the other hand as soon as you take off the headphones it suddenly sounds a bit disconnected and unrelated to your period and desire to listen to the same album. Fading. So yeah, we'll tell you we were really excited and excited to hear Chris with Kim, Matt and Ben just like before, but we also had a part that was expecting a surprise, a novelty for something refreshing that would make us put songs from this album in the latest playlist, because we've progressed a bit ...

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