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Paul McCartney

If you woke up this morning a bit upside down and forgot what the definition of a "living legend" is, there is no need to scroll through it or search the dictionary. He is here in front of you, and he is celebrating a birthday today, so let's make a lot of noise and respect for Sir Paul McCartney.

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13 Studio albums with the Beatles (one of them double).

19 Solo albums.

7 Albums with "Wings".

5 Classical music albums.

3 Albums with "The Fireman".

2 Soundtracks for movies.

2 Electronic music albums.

40 Appearances in films.

All this and more we did not even mention live albums, collections, collaborations, titles, and awards.

So in case you haven't noticed, "living legends" today are a rare and endangered species. So when such one has a birthday, wouldn't you honor him?

So, In honor of the birthday of the most melodic "Beatle", we have prepared a playlist of his best works for you. Follow the link and enjoy: Click here.

Ahhh .... and we forgot to tell you some facts about him as well. This time we collected 20 special ones:

1. His first name is James. Paul is his second name.

2. The first instrument he ever played was a trumpet.

3. As a child he was twice tested to be a choir boy and failed. He only passed for the third time.

4. Originally he served as guitarist in "The Quarrymen", which later became "The Beatles". Only after Stuart Sutcliffe left the band did he move to the bass player position.

5. He co-wrote with John Lennon over 200 songs over about seven years, 54 of which marched in charts over the world.

6. He initially suggested the song "Yesterday" to British singer Chris Farlower but he refused because it was too quiet and slow for him.

7. The song "Yesterday" is also the pop song that has won the most cover versions in the world. He has over 2,000 of these.

8. McCartney is also responsible for writing the Beatles' shortest song - "Her Majesty" - length 0:23.

9. Due to the combination of Paul's screams, the hard riff, and the heavy bass in the song "Helter Skelter" he wrote, the song is considered by many to be the first Heavy Metal song.

10. When working on his first solo album after "The Beatles", he used the pseudonym Billy Martin when he booked a place at "Abbey Road" Studios.

11. He was on a flight over New York City when the twin towers disaster occurred on 9/11. He saw everything from the plane window.

12. In 2012 he was the reason behind a mini-union of Nirvana members Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic in a performance held in Seattle. It was the first time the two had played together in 15 years. Pat Smear was there too.

13. It is known that Paul is a multi-instrumentalist who plays almost every possible instrument, but did you know that he was the drummer in the song "Sunday Rain" by the "Foo Fighters"? And what’s more amazing is that he hadn’t heard the song even once before, he just came to the studio and played the song without any prior preparation.

14. Well, Paul's list of titles is endless, but did you know that they also include the title of "Detective of Honor" from the NYPD?

15. He holds the all-time record of an artist who has appeared before the largest audience for a fee. That was in 1989 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in front of 350,000 people.

16. Paul McCartney holds through MPL the rights to over 3,000 songs, including all the songs written by Buddy Holly, the songs of the musical "Grease" and more.

17. He is also one of the richest musicians in the world. His fortune is estimated at $ 1.2 billion.

18. McCartney holds the record for the largest number of hits to reach number one on the US Billboard 100. 29 songs in total. He holds a similar record in the British chart with 25 songs reaching number one.

19. McCartney is the man with the most Grammy nominations 78 in number, the strangest of which is probably the nomination for best rap song. Yes, it happened following his collaboration with Kanye West in 2015.

20. Everyone knows McCartney also has an acting career, but did you know he's starred in one of the "Pirates of the Caribbean" movies? It was the fifth film in the series - "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" in which McCartney played Jack Sparrow's uncle.

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