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Mike Bordin

He is a talented musician and a great drummer, he has a tremendous hit and a special sound, some call him "Papi".

Drummer Mike Bordin was born on November 27, 1962, so we brought you some interesting facts...


1. Bordin is a descendant of a wide variety of cultures including: Russia, Poland, Wales, Italy, and, Hungary, and even has a Jewish side.

2. We have no idea when and how he started playing but Bordin has a very special style in terms of sound (especially of the snare) and in terms of technique. Bordin is one of the "beaters" and not the hovering drummers, he beats the drums powerfully with his hands flying high in the air. He usually holds the stick upside down to create a stronger punch and he likes his tam-tams wide and deep. Although he is left-handed, his drum set consists of a right-handed setup, apart from the ride cymbal that is located with the Hi-Hat.

3. In the late '70s, when he was still in high school, he formed the band "EZ-Street" with a bassist named Cliff Burton (yes, yes, Metallica's first bassist) and a guitarist named Jim Martin.

4. In 1981 he left the band and joined another band called "Sharp Young Men". The band included Mike Morris on guitar, Billy Gould on bass, and Wade Worthington on keyboards.

5. At the end of 1982 and after a large number of performances, the band members decided to change their name to "Faith No Man" because they did not like the image the previous name had created for them. They started recording a number of demos when Wade was replaced by Roddy Bottum and shortly after the recordings they decided to break up.

6. Immediately after the dissolution, Bordin, Bottom, and Gold decided to form a new band called "Faith No More". They went through several singers including Courtney Love and finally decide on Chuck Mosley. In October 1983 they made their first appearance, when shortly after they were joined by guitarist Jim Martin and complete the lineup.

7. Without the support of a record company they started recording their first album with full self-funding. During the recordings, a girl named Ruth Schwartz recognized their potential and turned them into the first sign of her independent label Mordam Records.

8. In 1985 they released their first album "We Care A Lot" and two years later, after signing with a bigger label called Slash Records they released their second album "Introduce Yourself".

9. Both albums were not a dizzying success and additionally clashes broke out within the band between Mosley and the rest of the members. In 1988 the band members decided not to continue with Mosley and instead they recruited Mike Patton.

(Photo: Mick Hutson)

10. As soon as Patton joined the band he wrote all the lyrics for the band's next album which was already musically ready. In 1989, the band's debut album with Patton, "The Real Thing" was released. The album was a resounding success and launched the band to stardom, with Grammy nominations, performance at the MTV Awards, and the music video for the song "Epic" which dominated the MTV schedule.

11. The crazy and so beloved band released three more albums of each is a world in itself, amazing, special, and different from its previous: "Angel Dust" in 1992, "King for a Day ... Fool for a Lifetime" on 1995

and "Album of the Year" in 1997 until their temporary dissolution in 1998.

12. In 2009 the band members reunited and went on tour in Europe and Australia in a series of festivals, finishing the tour in several cities in the US. Six years later the band released their latest album as of today called "Sol Invictus" and immediately after it went on a world tour.

13. Beyond "Faith No More" which was his main band, Bordin has a fascinating and insane collaboration.

14. Bordin was Ozzy Osbourne's drummer on the 1996 tour and he also played with "Black Sabbath's" band when drummer Bill Ward suffered from an illness. In addition, he also took full part in the recordings of Ozzy's solo albums, "Down to Earth" which was released in 2001, "Under Cover" which was released in 2005, and "Black Rain" which was released in 2007. He also re-recorded the drumming roles on the two albums, "Blizzard of Ozz" and "Diary of a Madman" on the 2002 reissue.

15. In 2000 Bordin was called to replace "Korn's" drummer David Silveria for the band's tour after the release of their fourth album "Issues". He filled Silveria's place for 7 months as he participated in over 100 shows !!

(Photo: Jerry Cantrell)

16. In 2002, Bordin took a full part in recording Jerry Cantrell's second solo album called "Degradation Trip" with bassist Robert Trujillo.

17. In 2005 Bordin returned to collaborate with the Prince Of Darkness when he recorded with him the covers album (the only one that Ozzy released) called "Under Cover". An album consisting of 13 songs that are covers of songs by bands that Ozzy loves from the 60's and 70's.

18. The two worked again and in 2007 Bordin participated in the recording of Ozzy's 10th album, "Black Rain". This is the last album Bordin worked with Ozzy.

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