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Faith No More - Sol Invictus

A Sneak Peek...

After 18 years, yes, yes 18 years, "Faith No More" have released their seventh and final album to date named "Sol Invictus".

It may sound pretentious, detached from reality, and even rude to say that this album sounds just like it should have sounded and the natural continuation of the previous album, but we do not care because this is exactly the band and its style !! Pretentious, detached, cheeky, eclectic, rough and straight forward.

(Photo: Ricardo DeAratanha)

So even though this is the band's "comeback" album there are no strong hits or songs that grab you from the first second, but this album is definitely full of "Faith", full of all directions. As fans of the band, we did not care at all that there is nothing catchy here, we were happy that we got more new material from the band, like a drugged man who left the rehab facility a few years ago but suddenly he has a flashback remembering the good things the drugs gave him. Just hearing Mike's voice with Bourdain's drums, Billy's bass, Rudy's keyboards, and John's distortion make us very happy.

Some have said, that after 18 years they have only 10 songs to put on the album or why are their songs on the album that are very reminiscent of their previous songs. So we think it just reinforces the fact that this band doesn't give a @%#$& on everyone and does what it wants, a unique bunch of talents that follows its creative truth.

Although we have already mentioned that there are no strong hits here, there are quite a few great songs that will blow you away, kick you and break you down like a chiropractor who has a lot to say, like: "Superhero", "Separation Anxiety", "Motherfucker" and despite being a bit soft the song carries The name of the album will take you with it without resistance.

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