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Faith No More - We Care A Lot

On November 11, 1985 (or at least that's the date we invented), Faith No More's debut album was released, the album that started the career of this amazing band.

It all started somewhere in 1979 with a band called "Sharp Young Men". Singer Mike Morris and keyboardist Wade Worthington formed the band and later added bassist Billy Gould and drummer Mike Bordin. The band's name was a contra to all the pop boy bands at the time but it created a different reputation for the band than they wanted so they decided to change the name to Faith No Man. In 1983 the band members recorded the song "Quiet in Heaven / Song of Liberty" which was released under the name Faith No Man. The young band started performing in several clubs and bars but immediately after the song came out Wade left the band and immediately after he left the other members decided to break up the group.

Immediately upon disbanding Bordin and Gould recruited keyboardist Roddy Bottum and decided to create a new lineup called Faith No More. They went through several singers including Courtney Love and finally, they decided on Chuck Mosley. In October 1983 they made their first appearance when shortly afterwards they recruited guitarist Jim Martin and completed the lineup.

Without the support of a record company, they started recording their first album with full self-funding. They managed to record five self-funded songs until during the recordings a woman named Ruth Schwartz recognized their potential and turned them into the first independent new label to sign up with Mordam Records. After the signing, they recorded five more songs funded by the new label and released their debut album in November 1985.

The band members said that because the album was recorded on a very low budget every minute counted, sure they would have done things differently but because they knew they were limited in budget they practiced and did a lot of rehearsals before they started recording.

The only single that came out from the album "We Care a Lot" was also included in the band's second album "Introduce Yourself", the band's first album released under a major label. It was also the first single that came out from that album.

The album was reissued on August 19, 2016, by the Koolarrow Records label. The reissue included nine additional tracks that included three remixes, four demos, and two performances from 1986 live shows.

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