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Foo Fighters - Medium Rare

A Sneak Peek...

There's a very good chance you did not know it even exists...

So let us surprise you or... just play surprised so we can continue...

This is the band's first cover album!

True, to this day they have released quite a few covers but most of them have been released as B-Sides of singles from previous albums.

So maybe you can call it a compilation album? Or a cover collection album?

The album consists of 13 tracks, 10 of which were recorded over the band's history and three brand new ones, two of which were recorded in the studio and one in a live performance and are also covers of course.

It contains cover versions of artists such as: Paul McCartney & Wings, "Cream", Joe Walsh, "Thin Lizzy", "Prince", "Pink Floyd", "The Ramones", and more...

In addition to the band's regular lineup, the album has a few guest musicians like the band's first drummer William Goldsmith, amazing guitarist Brian May, and drummer Gregg Bissonette.

The tracklist contains some valuable "Rock Assets" such as "Paul McCartney & Wings" - "Band on the Run" which was part of the "Radio 1 Established 1967" collection from 2004, "Cream's" - "I Feel Free" which was the B-side of the single "DOA" from 2005, "Bad Reputation" by "Thin Lizzy" which is one of the new songs recorded for this collection, "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty which was recorded live for BBC Radio 1 and released as a B-side of the single "My Hero", "This Will Be Our Year" of "The Zombies" and "Have a Cigar" of "Pink Floyd" featuring guitarist Brian May, that was part of the excellent soundtrack of the movie "Mission: Impossible II".

What's interesting about this album is that Dave Grohl shares the vocals with other band members like Taylor Hawkins who takes the lead in three songs - "Cream's" "I Feel Free", Joe Walsh's "A Life of Illusion" and "Have a Cigar" by "Pink Floyd", while guitarist Chris Shiflett performs "The Ramones'" song "Danny Says".

The album was released in a limited edition for "Record Store Day". It was also released on CD for Q magazine subscribers.

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