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Foo Fighters - Skin And Bones

"Skin and Bones" is "Foo Fighters'" acoustic live album released on November 7, 2006.

So here are 10 facts about the album that stripped the band to its skin and bones:

1. This is the band's first live album. This move was perceived as odd for a stadium band like the Foos that chooses to release their first live album as an acoustic performance.

2. The album contains performances from three different shows that took place from August 29 to 31, 2006.

3. The shows took place at the "Pantages Theater" in Los Angeles.

4. The shows were part of the "In Your Honor" album tour which contained one acoustic side and one electric side.

5. The ensemble of musicians apart from the band included 5 other musicians: Petra Haden who played the violin, mandolin and also sang. Drew Hester who played percussion, Rami Jaffee who played keyboards, and today is a permanent member of the band. The guitarist Pat Smear who left and returned to the band and today is also a permanent member and Danny Clinch who played the harmonica but his real role was the show director.

6. A month after the album was released, the band released a DVD of the show. Although the album contains only 15 songs, the DVD contains 21 songs.

7. At that time, Dave Grohl did not like to talk during the shows (today he does not shut up) and he tells the audience at the show that it was actually nice in this set and he liked to talk. Maybe this is where it all began...

8. Although most of the tracks in the show were based on "In Your Honor", there were also very interesting and rare performances such as: "DOA" which came out only as a sidekick, "Friend of a Friend" that Dave wrote in 1990 and "Marigold" that Dave wrote with Nirvana and came out as B-Side for the single "Heart Shaped Box".

9. Dave said that for those shows he had to borrow an acoustic guitar from a friend since he did not have an acoustic guitar until then.

10. Apart from the fact that there is no significant change in the performance of the acoustic songs, there are a number of songs whose performance is simply mesmerizing and moving, such as: "Razor" that opens the show, the beautiful "Big Me", the different but still exciting "Everlong" and of course the special "Marigold".

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