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Dream Widow (Foo Fighters) - March Of The Insane

On March 25, 2022, the debut album of "Dream Widow", the moniker of Dave Grohl and the members of "Foo Fighters".

On February 16, "March Of The Insane", the first single from the album was released. an edgy thrash metal song that stunned the music world.

The band noted on its YouTube channel that this is a song from the band's debut album, which was never released.

The song is part of the soundtrack for the movie (or rather the horror-comedy) "Studio 666", which debuted on February 25, 2022.

According to the script of "Studio 666", the "Foo Fighters" move to the Encino mansion to record their long-awaited tenth album. Dave Grohl, however, finds himself confronted with supernatural forces associated with the past attendees of the "666" studio, who are members of the imaginary band "Dream Widow", that threaten the lives of the members of the "Foo Fighters" and the continuation of the recording of their album.

The history of "Dream Widow" is not simple. The singer went crazy and murdered his entire band because of creative differences, with the song "March Of The Insane" taken from the band's lost album they recorded before the singer murdered them.

The common denominator of all the songs in the album is "Metal". Starting with "March Of The Insane" "Thrash Metal", through Old School "Black Metal", "Doom Metal", "Sludge Metal", "Grindcore" and more, this is Dave Grohl's homage to the genre he was so influenced by full with small gestures to his metal Gods, from the album cover, through the song names to the music itself.

Dave Grohl's genius knows no bounds and when he combines it with his great love for metal the result is simply hysterical.

Dave is in charge of all the vocal roles and he plays most of the instruments here with the help of guitarist Jim Rota who plays the first five songs of the album and keyboards Oliver Roman and Rami Jaffee.

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