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Foo Fighters 1st Gig

A Sneak Peek...

On February 19, 1995, the Foo Fighters made their debut show !!

(Photo: Foo Fighters)

The performance, which was private only for friends and family, took place over the West Marine store on Mercer Street in Seattle.

Their first public performance took place four days later at the Jambalaya Club located in Arcata, California.

In celebration of the band's 20 years, Dave Grohl and the band members released demos and rare tapes from the past, but only one, rare and special tape was not found. The recording of that first show, they tried for years to get it but to this day they do not know who holds it and where it is !!

In addition to the semi-familiar list, the amazing thing is that apart from drummer William Goldsmith the other members who played in the same show are members of the band even today: Dave Grohl, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear.

And this is the set list played at the show: 1. Floaty 2. I'll Stick Around 3. This Is A Call 4. Big Me 5. Wattershed 6. For All The Cows 7. Butterflies 8. Winnebago 9. Alone + Easy Target 10. Podunk 11. Exhausted

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