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Corey Taylor - CMFT

Corey Taylor's debut album titled "CMFT" was released on October 2, 2020, and for those who don't know (like us, when we first heard the song for example) CMFT's meaning is "Corey Mother Fucking Taylor" and he really can't be stopped !!

Corey always does what he wants and does not really care what critics think or how it will affect fans, he goes with his truth. He loves music, he loves to create music and he has no limitations or boundaries to any genre of one kind or another.

Corey makes music he loves and this is exactly the album in front of you !!

Just a few days ago we remembered this when we listened to the song "Hesitate" from Stone Sour's third album, a sticky and moving ballad that seems to have been taken from the soundtrack of a romantic comedy but... we love it !!

In this album, as we shared when the first single came out, Corey took materials he wrote throughout his life regardless of style and period and put them all (what went into editing) in one album. 13 songs from different periods, from different and varied styles.

"Slipknot" and "Stone Sour" fans, do not expect to get Corey here as you know him. You must have noticed by the first singles that came out. You will connect to one or two songs, but if you will come with an open mind there is a situation where you will love a few more songs.

Corey simply gathered a few friends from the past and present with whom he played in different bands or gigs and connected them to a one-man band, for all of them it felt like a collection of friends who meet in a rehearsal room and played together for fun.

(Photo: Ashley Osborn)

If we try to divide the styles in the album (do not guarantee that it will succeed) then there are a number of quite major categories...

There are songs here that sound like Dudu's side, rock classics that are very reminiscent of ZZ Top, Steel Panter, and even a bit of country blues. ‘HWY 666’, ‘Samantha’s Gone’, ‘Black Eyes Blue’, and more...

There are songs here that are based on strong riffs and are more reminiscent of the Stone Sour style, stronger, louder, and faster than the previous category. ‘Meine Lux’, ‘Ballroom Blitz’ ‘Halfway Down’, and more...

There are moving ballads here that express Taylor's softness and pleasantness, they will move and calm you down like 'Silverfish', 'Home', and more...

Here is the first single from the album...

In short... you got the idea !!

This is a "treat bag" that you get on birthdays and it has various and varied sweets, waffles, chocolates, popsicles, and more...

So click play and start enjoying, this is the new Corey and nothing will stop him !!

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