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Tremonti - All I Was

Tremonti's debut album - The Axeman Texas (he's not really from Texas but from Detroit) "All I Was", was released on July 17, 2012.

Whatever you say about the superstars who changed the history of rock and gifted guitarists who influenced the world of music, for us Mark Tremonti is one of them !! He's one of the great and leading guitarists of modern rock, and yes, we say that after experiencing a groundbreaking event in 2019 when we watched Curly Slash hit a 20-minute solo on his Les Paul guitar.

This album feels like a chick hatching from the egg, going out into the world after it has evolved and was ready to go its own way. But this chick is a dinosaur called "Tremonti"... who besides his amazing playing abilities and insane talent on guitar, is also revealed as a writer and singer who holds an entire album with respect and pride. Although its vocal range here is a bit narrow, it is certainly enough for the musical style and for the aggressive and relentless guitar playing.

Yes, this is a ruthless album in the full sense of the word, call it metal ... speed metal ... thrash metal ... call it whatever you like but Tremonti comes to put itself inside your speakers and penetrate your ear-drum with all the power and volume and let you will decide if you like it or not.

It's an album that feels real and honest, not something made to rake in a few more million for Tremontie's pocket or glorify his reputation as a top guitarist. It's also not an album that came to stick with the guitarist's phenomenal mother band "Alter Bridge" style, just in order to enjoy some stardust. It's a standalone album with a completely different identity.

The band called "Tremonti" consists of Mark himself who is of course very well known as the guitarist of the bands "Creed" and "Alter Bridge", Eric Friedman who is in charge of the bass and rhythm guitar and Garrett Whitlock on the drums. By the way, the last two came from the band "Submersed" which disbanded in 2008.

Later, bassist Brian Marshall - Termonti's friend from "Creed" and "Alter Bridge" will join the band and replace Eric Friedman. Marshall will later be replaced by Wolfgang Van Halen who will become a permanent member of the squad in 2013.

As early as 2010, Termonti noted that he had a lot of written material that did not fit in the style of "Creed" and "Alter Bridge" and that he could not give them up, so he would probably release them as part of one solo project or another. Tremonti eventually took advantage of a window of opportunity created when both bands were in a kind of break. Myles Kennedy went on tour with Slash and Scott Stapp was busy with his solo project, so in the three-month time frame, Tremonti was able to produce and record the album.

This is the heavy side of Termonti who always wanted to go in a faster and heavier direction than the materials he released as part of "Alter" and "Creed". This solo project has given him free rein and he no doubt intends to destroy everything in his path.

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