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Tremonti - Dust

This is the third album by the band "Tremonti" which was issued on April 16th 2016 !!

If you remember, when we celebrated Mark Tremonti's birthday 10 days ago, we told you that the band recorded this album as part of the recordings of the second "Cauterize". Tremonti waited so long to embark on a solo career and until it came, he had a lot of great ideas, riffs, lyrics, and melodies that were just waiting to explode into the world world.

Both albums were recorded in the same session, Tremonti said he wanted to record as many songs as possible and after finishing the recordings he felt it would be a crime to release only one album with 13-15 songs, and the rest as B sides.

So he decided to create two different albums from the recordings. Two albums that are balanced between stronger, melodic, and slower songs. A kind of equal split between the two that expressed what Tremonti wanted.

Although there was no bassist on the previous album, on this album the credit for the bass was given to Wolfgang Van Halen (the son of), who also joined the band's tour after the album's release. But despite the desire to create a balanced two albums, there are two elements here that slightly differentiate this album from the previous one.

It's not clear if it was designed that way, but it seems that in the songs selected for this album, Tremonti's voice upgraded to the next level. It features higher capabilities and a wider range of sound than in the previous album. We have already come to know that he also has amazing singing talent, but here he is already undoubtedly taking a step up.

Another element is greater musical diversity compared to the previous album. While many of the songs on this album contain similar elements, there is still greater variation compared to the previous album, ranging from chants with huge melodies, in "The Cage", through delicate moments like "Dust" and even a combination of almost psychedelic atmosphere in "Tore My Heart Out" and "Never Wrong".

It is important to emphasize that the diversity does not impair the formation and coherence of the album, which flows throughout in a natural and fluid way, until even the light song that closes the album, "Unable to See", feels like it blends in perfectly.

This album once again demonstrates the tremendous talent of "The Texas Sawyer," both on guitar in the powerful and murderous riffs and mesmerizing solos, and in the powerful vocals and production that strengthen Tremonti's status as one of the best and most respected artists of our generation.

(Photo: Ashley Maile)

Another thing we must note here is the amazing combination of the band members. Tremonti did an excellent job in selecting the musicians. They fit in perfectly with "The Texas Sawyer", know how to accompany it little when needed, pick up and highlight it at other moments, and break with it and bomb in just the right place. Despite the dominant presence of Tremonti the rest of the members do not disappear at all, each feels at just the right time and timing. Garrett Whitlock turns out to be a sharp, fierce, battered, powerful, and perfect drummer for Tremont's aggressive riffs, trust us it's hard, it's very hard to be a drummer next to "The Texas Sawyer" that sets the pace for you with such aggressive riffs.

Eric Friedman - Tremonti's accompanist and right-handed guitarist, fits like a glove into Tremonti's lead role and accompanies him with the same intensity and attacks. The new bass player in the group Wolfgang Van Halen also completes the rhythm section and holds the low frequencies on the album with great pride and a high hand.

So make sure you are not near flammable materials and just click play because we assure you that everything will go up in flames...

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