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Stone Sour - House of Gold & Bones – Part 1

The album "House of Gold & Bones – Part 1" was released on October 22, 2012, do not get confused this is not another TV series on one of the streaming providers, this is the first part of a pair of albums released by "Stone Sour" in 2012

After the band's third album "Audio Secrecy", Corey Taylor decided he wanted to do something special, he wanted to create a double album, it is not known where the burst of creativity and the number of songs came from, but the members created a pair of albums here for the glory of the work.

The first episode is very gloomy and dramatic, a dark story about the inner battles of a man going through a traumatic relationship breakdown, putting us in his bowels and the depths of his soul until we ourselves shout save. Corey said that this is a person who is trying to find himself, everyone finds himself at some stage in life at a crossroads that evokes personal evolution and tries to understand what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Don't worry Episode 2 will 'come' but you have a year to brew in its gastric juices.


We got a taste with the release of the first and combined single (a huge idea to put these two songs together), 'Gone Sovereign' and 'Absolute Zero' are both a purposeful display of what's going on on the album. The first speaks of the condition of the hero who is at a difficult stage in his life, a kind of shell of himself when all his heroes have disappeared. Now they are so full of hatred that they have nothing left but "absolute zero."

Musically, this is Stone Saur on a stimulant cocktail that throws her to insane levels, we have no way of describing it better than how the band's guitarist Josh Rand described it in one of the album interviews:

"'House of Gold & Bones' takes everything that's great about this band and amplifies it. The riffs, the lyrics, the grooves, and the songs are like Stone Sour times 10. There's also heavy stuff that's like nothing we've ever done before It's dark as hell and a complete experience from the first track to the last. ”

And on Corey what shall we say..., he is exciting, sweeping, beating, insane, and mesmerizing as usual. A huge talent of vocalist who knows how to process the music and release it in a phenomenal way. This is one of his most significant, mature, and sophisticated albums vocally in our humble opinion. Songs like 'A Rumor of Skin', 'RU486', 'Last of the Real' and 'Taciturn' bring it out in a wonderful way !!

The song 'The Travelers, Pt. 1 'is the midpoint of the beginning, so exciting that no matter what stage you are in life, you will find your own place in the song. His sequel 'The Travelers, Pt. 2 ’which arrives at the midpoint of the end is a direct sequel that throws you into the sky and you feel like Jack Black when he hears rock and roll !!

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