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Shlomi Bracha

He is a guitarist, a producer, a singer and is known to you mainly from the band "Mashina", but certainly not only.

(Photo: Uri Misgav - Mashina Facebook Page)

1. He was born in the "Kiryat Shalom" neighborhood of "Tel Aviv", on March 21, 1962 and grew up in the "Bavli" neighborhood.

2. He got his first guitar from his parents, who saw his great attraction to music.

3. He met Yuval Banay during his military service when he guided recruits in the "Shevta" camp.

4. The two used to spend vacations at the "Penguin" club, and under the influence of the bands that played there such as "Minimal Compact" and "Jean Conflict" they decided to form a band.

5. They wrote the entire first "Mashina" album at the "Shevta" army base.

6. After their release from the army, in 1983, they founded the band "Mashina" and began performing at the "Penguin" club.

(Photo: Eldad Refaeli - Mashina Facebook Page)

7. In 1985, the debut album of "Mashina" was released, most of its songs were written and composed by Bracha.

8. Since then he has released 9 more studio albums with the band, including masterpieces such as "The Association for the Study of Mortality" (Haamuta Lecheker HaTmuta), "Monsters of Glory" (Miflatzot HaTehila), "Goodbye Youth Hello Love" (LeHitraot Neurim Shalom Ahava) and more.

9. In 1991, Bracha produced the album "Who Killed Agnetha Faltskog" (Mi Ratzach Et Agnetha Faltskog) by "Nosei Hamigba'at".

10. In the same year he composed the song "Private Parking" for Dori Ben-Zev's album.

11. After "Mashina" broke up in 1995, Bracha began working with Rami Fortis on a new album. In 1998, the two released a cover version of the song "Illusions" by Nissim Sarousi, which was included in the "Avoda Ivrit" collection.

12. Later that year, the two released the album "Race on the Edge", in which "Mashina" members Michael Benson, Avner Hodorov and Yuval Banay participated.

13. In 1999, Bracha produced the album "Batyavon" of Ram Orion's band "Betrei Zozei" from the band.

14. In 2000, Bracha arranged and played in Eran Tzur's album "Purpose at the bottom".

15. In 2001 he produced and participated in the arrangement of the songs in the album "Run Child" of the band "Knesiyat Hasekhel" ("The Mind Church").

16. In 2003 he released his first solo album, "Chaplin Charlie", co-produced with Shahar Even Tzur.

17. In the same year "Mashina" was reunited and Baracha wrote together with Banay two new songs in honor of the union - "Something small and good" and "And perhaps now".

18. In 2012 he served as a mentor together with his friend Yuval Banay at the TV show "The Voice".

19. In 2016, Bracha released his second solo album "Maadim Machvir", in which he was accompanied by the band "Cain and Abel 90210".

20. In the same year, he participated in playing on the album "The Illuminated Path", Eran Tzur's fifth solo album.

21. In 2018, he and his friend Yuval Banay released a cover version of the song "Love in the end of Summer".

22. With the outbreak of the Covid-19 in 2020, he wrote, composed and recorded the song "Corona".

23. During the Covid-19 crisis he teamed up with musicians Eran Tzur and Danni Makov to establish the group "Tripoli". They released an album named after the band in 2021.

24. In 2021 Bracha released a new single called "Yeled Tov".

25. During the year 2022, he came out with an acoustic and intimate show called "On the way to the sea" (Baderech El Hayam), in which he performed some of his best songs and talked about

The characters and stories behind the songs.

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