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Scorpions - Sign Of Hope

Friday Release sponsored by Covid-19 # 6

And this time "Scorpions", who pamper us with a new song with a message of hope.

The band is in the process of working on a new album due out in 2021 and promises that it is going to include strong hard rock songs, probably also influenced by the new drummer Mikkey Dee, known to us mainly from his work with "Motorhead", King Diamond and more.

Until then, the band decided to pamper us with a ballad of hope, that the work on it was completed especially for the current Covid crises and is called, of course, "Sign Of Hope".

The band is already waiting to return to the studio and continue working on the new album. They claim there are already a lot of finished songs just waiting to be recorded, but the situation does not allow them to arrive in Los Angeles, where they started working with producer Greg Fidelman, or alternatively the producer's arrival in Germany to finish work on the album.

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