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Nothing But Thieves - Moral Panic II

Friday Release #102

Our latest favorite band Nothing But Thieves just released a new EP.

We have already talked about the band's EP trend in our shows, the band members like to release an EP between albums in order to experiment and stretch the boundaries of their work. They said that through the EP they experiment with different styles and allow themselves to create without limits and then test the audience reactions.

This time too they are doing it...

Although the name of the EP is taken from their third album "Moral Panic" which was released in October 2020 is not what you think.

The EP does not include songs that did not make it into the album, but includes five brand new songs that were written only after the album was released. For the band, the EP is a straight continuation of the band's development from the previous album.

The EP contains 5 songs that are very diverse and different from each other, it opens with the song "Futureproof" which feels like a direct sequel from the previous album, but already the change is here on the second song "If I Were You" which gets a more industrial and electronic twist. Going back to the band's so familiar DNA in the song "Miracle, Baby" but then moving on to one of the band's extreme songs "Ce n'est Rien" (in French This is Nothing) a kind of combination of Slipknot with Nine Inch Nails, without a doubt the band goes to an extreme direction and stretches the boundaries of its mowing. The EP ends with a gloomy love song "Your Blood" with an acoustic guitar accompanying Conor Mason's caressing and delightful voice.

Track List:

01. ‘Futureproof’

02. ‘If I Were You’

03. ‘Miracle, Baby’

04. ‘Ce n’est Rien’

05. ‘Your Blood’

Listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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