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Nothing But Thieves - Futureproof

Our latest falling in love "Nothing But Thieves" just dropped a new single !!

We are very excited with this new song which sounds like a great evolvement from the previous album "Moral Panic" which came out last year.

They have a very simple structure and dynamics but their sound and power are addictive, the integration of Conor Mason vocals with rest of band sound is absolutely amazing. From the first note they grab you, at the beginning it is gentle but than it is getting more and more strong.

The band said they were inspired by the Hip-Hop dynamic sound, they compare between some of their heavier songs and the more aggressive side of hip hop which they wanted to try and get with this song.

The band said:

“It’s dark and chromatic and then it’s mixed like a hip hop track with loud drums and vocals. The idea was to try and explore that territory in the most authentic and fresh way.”

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