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Rush - Permanent Waves 40th Anniversary

Friday release # 8.

So, the sequence of yesterday's events made us forget to tell you about the special deluxe edition released of "Permanent Waves" by "Rush". on the occasion of it's 40th anniversary.

This is one of the band's founding albums, the bridge between the Prog era and the electronic-synthesized one. It was just before the International break of "Moving Pictures".

The release includes an updated version with a remarkably improved sound from the original album, as well as 12 bonus excerpts from the band's performances during the tour that accompanied the album's release in 1980. The live recordings are mostly from shows in the UK and one in Missouri, USA.

While the album has undergone a fine remaster that allows you to hear the multiplicity of layers and tracks of the variety of instruments and vocals, the added value of this special edition are live tracks that shows the band members' tremendous talent. While the popular bands of the period relied heavily on puffy hair, ornate attire and pyrotechnic performances, "Rush" focused on the music itself and the performances in the special version prove how much musical talent each member of the band had.

One of the big surprises of the live album is the performance from Manchester, England of "The Trees" from the 1978 album "Hemispheres", which preceded "Permanent Waves". This performance features a different and special classical guitar intro by Alex Lifeson and is an absolutely amazing show of meteoric playing ability !!! From Geddy Lee's singing, Alex Lifeson's sharp and sleek guitar playing and Neil Peart's masterful and energetic drumming - without a doubt one of the greatest drummers to ever hold a drum stick. This track presents "Rush" in all its glory with amazing chemistry and remarkably accurate and rare synchronization during a live performance.

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