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News of the Week 19.6.22

Music news headlines for the week starting on 19.6.22:


Finally, "Megadeth" releases "We'll Be Back" - a new single from her 16th album and reveals the album's title for the first time - "The Sick, The Dying ... And The Dead!" and also its cover, to be released on September 15. What's more, the band released a short action film entitled "We'll Be Back: Chapter I". The film was produced by Dave Mustaine himself and follows the band's mascot Vic Rattlehead.


Ozzy Osbourne is "back from the dead" with a new song featuring Jeff Beck, Robert Trujillo, Zakk Wylde, Chad Smith. listen here: Spotify.


Our much-loved "Bare Dreams" is releasing a new single, despite the hard times their PR company gave them. It's the second single from the upcoming album, that we are looking forward and awaiting it's release impatiently !! This will be their debut album coming out after the last EP “Lost With All Hands” , released in 2020.


"Shredhead" releases a teaser from the special show they held in April this year at "Reading 3" "- Knives Out". The show featured a guest appearance of the infamous singer "Dudu Faruk", so here is the song "Stephane Legar" in the "Shredhead" version !!


On June 21, 2002, James Rado, co-creator of the groundbreaking hippie musical "Hair", died at 90.


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of "The Rolling Stones", the band will release on August 7 with a four-episode documentary series called "My Life As A Rolling Stone".


"Guns N 'Roses" will mark the 35th anniversary of the masterpiece album "Appetite for Destruction" in a photo exhibition from the band's first fifty gigs. The Exhibition will air on July 21.


"Queensrÿche" is also releasing a new single and clip from their new album "Digital Noise Alliance", which is due out on October 7th.


"Porcupine Tree" releases today their 11th album "Closure / Continuation", the first since 2009. for listening: Spotify.


"Foreigner" returns to Israel for the fourth time for one show that will take place on September 29 at Amphi Park in Raanana.


Musician and producer Alan Parsons has released a clip for his new single "I Won't Be Led Astray", taken from the studio album "From The New World", which will be released on July 15. On the guitar none other than Joe Bonamassa.


Norwegian musician Jørn Lande, known from the bands "Ark" and "Jorn" among others, has released his tenth solo album "Over the Horizon Radar". The album features 10 new songs written by the legendary singer and an expanded version of the song "Faith Bloody Faith", written for the 2021 Norwegian Pre-Eurovision Song Contest.

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