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Muse - Won’t Stand Down

Friday Release # 127

What have we just heard? A new single from one of our favorite bands "Muse" and it includes touches of "Metal" ?

True the verses are still flirting with the synth-pop the band has sucked into its DNA in the last decade, but the riff leading to the chorus certainly feels to us like the beginning of "back to roots" or in other words "Muse" we haven’t heard since “Black Holes and Revelations”.

This is the band's first single in 4 years and it is the first from an upcoming album which details about it's release haven't been published yet.

Singer and multi-instrumentalist Matt Bellamy noted that he took advantage of the covid-19 lockdowns to write and release his solo album "Cryosleep", but also to write new songs for Muse's next album.

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