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Matt Bellamy - Cryosleep

What's the connection between a blonde telecaster guitar, a classic by Simon and Garfunkel, Game of Thrones鈿旓笍 and crypto technology? ...Cryosleep - Matt Bellamy?馃 ...

last year, Muse's lead singer released his Simon and Garfunkel's cover the legendary 'Bridge over troubled water' which is included among his 10 new EP songs, along with his original song 'Pray' which starred in the cult series 'Game Of Thrones鈿旓笍' and his "Covid-19 Song" titled - 'Tomorrow's World'.

Simon and Garfunkel's Cover:

The Covid period even caused him to make changes to his own repertoire, with a new version of Muse's "Guiding Light".

This version has an iconic item that might "steal the show" of the actual performance, a blonde Telecaster Guitar from 1983, underwent rigorous testing by Bellamy's team, before the purchase, to verify that this is indeed the guitar Jeff Buckley used while recording the Imortal "Grace" album.

It turns out that Bellamy was so influenced by Buckley, not only because he was so tremendous and unique, but he gave him hope馃檹.

Bellamy began his musical career in the 90's and as someone who was and still recognized by his high-pitched voice, he had no confidence against the heavier and more aggressive grunge sounds that dominated at the time.

After hearing Buckley's 'Grace' he saw how beautiful is the combination of the high voice in rock music, which gave him confidence and courage to believe in himself and his music.

Before the release of the EP, Bellamy put up for auction (proceeds went for charity) a special edition of 3 of the EP's songs in Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) files 馃捊 ... coded by crypto technology, specially for digital assets.

These files are becoming more popular in the field of digital art that now days anyone get ... but these files, apart from the quality files that comes straight from the artists, get a unique and original digital signature that matches the collectors' market, like any signature of a great painter in the corner of his paintings馃枌锔!

It's nice that Blamey is trying and advancing with his art alongside technology, in order to make his mark (literally) on his work even via the common form of digital consumption.

Still, behind every technology, it's still an art ... that sometimes comes out mesmerizing and sublime over the time.

I wonder if Bellamy's art today will become like this... like the immortal 'bridge over troubled water' or Buckley's blonde telecaster that was part of 'Grace'... there are those who would like to hear new interpretations and have someone else play on the guitar of a late hero.

But there are those who will say that certain songs and guitars, should be left as they are, without anyone else's touch ... What do you think? 馃

Spotify: Click Here.

Youtube: Click Here.

Even in the case of Bellamy, history will probably speak and decide for us.

Good and blessed week 馃檹

O.Miz 馃帶


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