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Matt Bellamy

Yes, this is Matt Bellamy - guitarist, keyboardist, singer, creator and leader of the band Muse

So let us tell you a little bit about the singer with the amazing range of voices, the virtuoso player and the main writer of Muse:


1. He was born on 9 June 1978 in Cambridge London as Matthew James Bellamy.

2. His father George Bellamy was a rhythm guitarist in "The Tornados", a pop-rock band from the Sixties.

3. Bellamy started playing the piano at the age of six.

4. The first piece he learned to play on the piano was the opening soundtrack of the Dallas series.

5. At the age of 11 he had already switched to playing the guitar.

6. His first appearance was when he was 12, he played the piano in a school performance.

7. Already in school he was a partner in several bands and there he also met the drummer Dominic Howard.

8. The two later invited Chris Wolstenholme to join them as bassist. Chris was a drummer back then and he took bass guitar lessons to join the band.

9. In 1994 the three formed the band "Rocket Baby Dolls" and won a band competition at the school.

10. The band later changed its name to "Muse" after the three thought they needed a more mature name for the band.


11. Together with Muse he will release 8 studio albums during the band's 20 years of activity.

12. Bellamy have a tenor voice with a very wide range. He used to combine vibrato phrases with poetry, in which he was influenced by Jeff Buckley, whom he admired.

13. In 2020 he even purchased the Fender Telecaster guitar that Buckley used during the recording of the album "Grace".

14. In his guitar playing, Bellamy is influenced by, among others, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Morello and more.

15. Bellamy's compositions are usually composed and influenced by classical music composers. For example, you can hear influences from Sergei Rachmaninov in songs like "Space Dementia" and Butterflies and Hurricanes, "Camille" Saint-Saëns in songs like "I Belong to You (Mon Coeur S'ouvre À Ta Voix)" and Frédéric Chopin In songs like "United States of Eurasia".

16. When Bellamy records his singing roles he does not allow anyone to be in the studio, not even his bandmates.

17. Matt's guitars are designed and engineered by Devon's Hugh Manson and include triggers and built-in effects into the guitar.

18. He is a sheep lover and once owned 160 sheep. There were times he even brought him a sheep to an interview.

19. He is also a diving enthusiast and claims that he once almost died in a diving accident when the guide who was in love with his girlfriend filled him with only half a container of oxygen.

20. He wrote the song "Soaked" for Adam Lambert's first solo album from 2009.

21. That same year he wrote the music for the final segment of the film "The International".

22. He holds the Guinness record for the number of guitars he broke in one tour. These are 140 guitars.

23. As of 2017 he is part of a cover band called "Jaded Hearts Club" that plays "Beatles" songs. He plays a bass guitar there.

24. The first piece he wrote outside of Muse was "Pray" for the compilation album "For the Throne" which was influenced by the masterpiece series "Game of Thrones".

25. In September 2020 Matt released a cover version for the song "Bridge Over Troubled Water". The song is included among the ten EP songs called "Cryosleep", along with an original song "Pray" that starred in the cult series "Game Of Thrones" and his "Covid-19 Song" "Tomorrow's World".

26. So far Bellamy has released 9 studio albums with "Muse", the last of which called "Will Of the People" released on August 26, 2022.

So go ahead and click play, raise your hands in the air in his honor and together with the snare drum enter the rhythm: one clap, two claps, one clap, three claps and so on. Believe us it is sweeping, fun and liberating...

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