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Metallica - Reload

"Reload" - "Load's" twin brother was released on November 18, 1997. This is Metallica's seventh album !!

We open with a proper disclosure that may upset you a little but we must be real here. We will not argue that the "black album" was a milestone and it does not matter if you liked it or not. So for us and maybe we will do a bit of a comparison here to Pearl Jam's album "Vitalogy", from which onwards the magic or rather the aura got lost. The albums that followed were not that bad (except for "St. Anger") but they did not have that all-too-powerful Metallica magnet. So these albums were less exciting or influential than the first ones, despite the mesmerizing performance of songs from those albums on "S&M" or live shows.

Before the release of the album "Load", "Metallica" intended to release a double album, they started working on the songs, finished demos and recorded a little more than half of them. But when they saw that the release date of the album was approaching they decided not to wear themselves out to death and release the songs that had already been recorded as a separate album. The album "Load" was released in June 1996. "Metallica" went on a tour to promote the album which lasted a little over a year and when the tour ended they returned to work on the second part, the second album.

They said that during the tour they had a lot of ideas on how to improve the songs and add different elements to them, but when they entered the studio they decided to stick to the original, keep the authenticity of those demos and not try to change the songs. They knew that the audience would think that Reload included all the crappy songs that failed to enter Load, but this was not the case, the split of the songs was not affected at all by their quality but arbitrarily by the band's schedule. Within three months the band finished recording the album, two-three weeks later it was edited and mixed and was ready for release.

The two albums are different in their style from the "black album", in our humble opinion at least. If in the first albums, "Metallica" was the queen of trash or speed metal, in the "black album" she became the queen of heavy metal BUT this time she plays in the territories of Sothern Rock, maybe even Country and occasionally a little Hard Rock. If you play to a random listener songs from the "Ride The Lightning" album and then songs from the "Reload" album, he would not believe it is the same band. How do we say? It lost some of its DNA. But still there are some highlights in the album, like the deadly "Fuel" that explodes in shows, "Unforgiven II" that brings up sweet memories and "The Memory Remains" that had a great version on "S&M". You probably already know better than us that in 10 years later the band will return to its DNA with the album "Death Magnetic".

By the way, this is the last album on which bassist Jason Newsted plays!

It is impossible to finish without mentioning the picture of blood and urine !! The album cover was created by the photographer and the controversial artist Andres Serrano, who of course also created the album cover "Load". The image on the "Load" album was named "Blood and Sperm III" because it consisted of the blood of a cow and the semen of a man injected between two adjacent glasses. The photo for the album "Reload" was named "Piss and Blood" because it consisted of blood and urine, from whom exactly, we do not know. Kirk Hammett really liked the artist and the idea and James Hetfield not so much, maybe not at all!

So now you are welcome to receive a dose of blood and urine at: Spotify, Apple Music

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