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Metallica - Garage Inc.

On November 24, 1998, "Metallica's" double cover album called "Garage Inc" was released.

We just wanted to share with you some interesting facts about it:

1. This is a double album that is all made of covers that basically consist of five different parts.

2. The first part consists of 11 songs recorded in 1998

3. The second part consists of...

4. The EP released in 1987 called "The $ 5.98 E.P .: Garage Days Re-Revisited" with 5 songs

5. The B-Sides that came out with "Creeping Death" in 1984 with 2 songs

6. The third part consists of B-sides and rare tracks recorded in 1988-1993 with 5 songs.

7. The fourth part consists of "Motörheadache" which was recorded in 1996 and came out as B-Sides with the single "Hero Of The Day" with 4 songs that are all covers of the band "Motörhead". They recorded these songs as part of rehearsals they did for Lemmy Kilmister's 50th birthday celebrations.

8. The songs selected by "Metallica" for the album are songs by different bands from different genres that greatly influenced the band members but did not just influence...

Early in their career, they performed in small clubs when half of their (if not more) setlist consisted of covers of British heavy metal bands' songs. The people who came to the shows did not know the songs or the bands and "Metallica" adopted the songs as if they were their own. The performance of the songs was also in Metallica's very special style. James said they felt a kind of commitment to those bands whose songs they "adopted" and that helped them succeed.

(Photo: Metallica)

9. Kirk said that everyone brought to the table the songs and bands that influenced them, out of them they chose the songs, "chewed" them up, and "spat" them in the "Metallica" style.

10. You're probably wondering what makes a band the size of "Metallica" release a cover album and a double one. So there are 2 reasons for that.

11. The first reason is the need for change. After three heavy albums in which the band worked very seriously and invested everything they had, the band members felt they needed to do something a little light-hearted to release the atmosphere and bring back the inspiration. Just to clear the head, after the aforementioned album Metallica released S&M in 1999, and in 2003 the album "St. Anger". How about that for inspiration?

12. The second reason is that in the past "Metallica" would have released covers as B-Sides with the singles from previous albums. This created a collection of covers scattered among different singles from different periods and they decided it was a good idea to unite them together.

13. The band members decided that now they should have fun and fool around. No stress, no boundaries, no seriousness, just go back to the roots and do it with great fun.

14. You are probably familiar with the album cover, the picture shows the band members dressed like dirty mechanics with black stains. The album's internal booklet consists of 32 pages of memorabilia photos designed by Andy Airfix, to which Lars gave "permission" to rummage through his belongings.

15. The first part was recorded by "Metallica" in the studio within 3 weeks but the only song out of the 11 that was not recorded in that session was the acoustic performance of "Tuesday's Gone" by the band Lynyrd Skynyrd. The song was recorded separately as part of the KSJO station's radio program from San Jose. It was a session of 8 acoustic songs with different guests and note which guests participated in the recording of the song: Jerry Cantrell and Sean Kinney from the band Alice In Chains, singer and guitarist Pepper Keenan from the band Down, guitarist Jim Martin from the band Faith No More, singer John Popper From the harmonica blues traveler Gary Rossington the guitarist and founder of Lynyrd Skynyrd and Les Claypool the bassist, founder and singer of Primus. What a respectable list !!

16. We will not go into details of bands or songs but there is a long list of milestones here in the rock world.

You are welcome to listen to the album on: Spotify, Apple Music

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