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Lee Kerslake - Eleventeen

On February 16, 2021, just five months after the death of drummer Lee Kerslake after a battle with cancer and he is 73 years old, his first solo album "Eleventeen" is released.

Lee was a special drummer with a tremendous emotional playing technique. He was also a songwriter with supreme grace and not a bad singer at all. He started playing drums at the age of 11 and began his musical career at the age of 21 with the band "The Gods" where he also met keyboardist Ken Hensley. Later the two will also form the band "Toe Fat" and in 1972 Lee will join Hensley's band "Uriah Heep".

In 1980 Lee joined Ozzy Osbourne's first lineup in his solo career and became one of his lead writers mostly on his second album. In 1986 he even sued Ozzy along with Bob Daisley for non-payment of royalties for their part in writing the songs.

Due to health issues, it took Kerslake three years to complete the album, and the result serves as a historical photo collection that reminds us how talented he was.

The album features eight tracks showcasing its wide-ranging influences, from the moving opening song "Celia Sienna" on the one hand to "Take Nothing For Granted" reminiscent of the '80s "Uriah Heep" on the other.

It looks like Kerslake knew this would be his last work and this is reflected both in the choice of the songs like "You've Got A Friend" and also in the melancholy instrumental section he chose to call "Mom".

List of songs:

01. Celia Sienna

02. Take Nothing For Granted

03. Where Do We Go From Here

04. You May Be By Yourself (But You're Never Alone)

05. Port And A Brandy

06. You've Got A Friend

07. Home Is Where The Heart Is

08. Mom (Instrumental)

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