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Lars Ulrich

He's one of the most famous drummers, he has something to say about everything and he made history in the world of music with the only band he is playing with, ladies and gentlemen please welcome:

Lars Ulrich !!!

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= Born on December 26, 1963, in Gentofte, Denmark, he hails from a family with diverse roots—his mother has Jewish heritage, while his father's roots trace back to Germany. Tennis prowess runs in his family, as both his father and grandfather actively participated in official competitions as professional tennis players.

= In accordance with his parents' wishes, Lars embarked on the same path as them, delving into the realm of tennis like his father. Following in their footsteps, he attained professional status as a player and quickly emerged as one of the promising talents in the sport.

= When he was just 9 years old, his father introduced him to the world of music by taking him to a "Deep Purple" concert in Copenhagen. This experience marked Lars' crucial and early connection with the realm of music.

= At the age of 13, his father bought him his first drum set which was a Ludwig set.

= Upon reaching the age of 17, he relocated with his family to California, USA, primarily to further his professional tennis aspirations. However, his attempt to join the school's tennis team ended in disappointment as he failed to qualify. This setback marked a pivotal moment, redirecting the course of his journey.

= A pivotal moment shaping his musical destiny occurred when Lars attended a performance by the band "Diamond Head" in London, a group he was a fan of. Inspired by the experience, upon returning to the US, he made the decision to establish his own band. To kickstart the process, he placed a "job" advertisement in a local newspaper called The Recycler.

= The ad said:

"Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head, and Iron Maiden."

Two guitarists responded to the ad, James Hetfield and, Hugh Tanner, guess who took the "job"...?

It is also interesting that Dave Mustaine later responded to the same ad...

= In 1981 the band "Metallica" was formed by Lars and James. Lars took the name from his friend Ron Quintana who was looking for a name for his band and was debating between Metallica and Metal Mania.

(Photo: Paul Natkin)

= The musical style of the band has solidified its place among the "Big Four" bands credited with founding the Thrash Metal genre, alongside "Slayer," "Megadeth," and "Anthrax." Additionally, we include a fifth band that arrived slightly later, namely "Testament."

= Lars and James serve as the primary songwriters and leaders of the band. While James contributes to the creative process, Lars is the strategic mind overseeing all aspects of the band's operations, playing a crucial role in its business and marketing success. The inaugural song co-written by the duo and performed for the first time was "Hit The Lights."

= Metallica has released 11 studio albums to date: Kill 'Em All (1983), Ride the Lightning (1984), Master of Puppets (1986), ... And Justice for All (1988), Metallica (1991), Load (1996 ), Reload (1997), St. Anger (2003), Death Magnetic (2008), Self-Destruct (2016) and 72 Seasons (2023).

= In addition to the studio albums, the band also released the mini-album The $ 5.98 E.P .: Garage Days Re-Revisited whose recordings began in the garage of Lars' home, and the double album Garage Inc which included cover versions for bands that Lars and the band adored.

= In addition, the band has released a large number of live albums. Two albums we must mention and in our opinion constitute huge moments in the band's history are the S&M duo. The first took place in 1999 and the second in 2020, a performance in which the band combines its music with the San Francisco Orchestra. This is how you combine rock music with a symphony !!

= After Metallica's initial albums, Lars ascended to become one of the preeminent drummers in the metal realm. His mastery of fast rhythms, adept use of double bass, and skillful performance of intricate songs on his expansive drum set garnered him numerous accolades and titles.

= With the release of the "Black Album," Lars underwent a transformation in his drumming style, coinciding with a shift in the band's overall musical approach. The rhythms took on a slower pace, marked by simpler transitions and a more straightforward song structure—a stark departure from the initial style. While the band's recent albums exhibit a partial return to the earlier style, the evolution has been noticeable, showcasing a dynamic range in Metallica's musical journey.

(Photo: Elektra)

= In reference to the "Black Album," it's noteworthy that one of the initially considered names for the album was "Married To Metal," reflecting the personal and musical transformations experienced by Kirk, Lars, and Jason during its recording.

= Beyond the band's first four albums, which are widely regarded as milestones in the music world, three other albums stand out as significant landmarks, not just for the band but also for Lars personally and musically.

= The "Black Album" is particularly renowned for its groundbreaking drum sound. The drumming on this album marked a revolution, transitioning from flat and concise sounds to explosive and sustained ones. Each strike on the tom-tom, snare, bass drum, or cymbals carried an unprecedented depth, volume, and continuity. Every component of the drum set exuded a scandalous power factor, providing the drums with a sonic quality that had not been experienced before.

(Photo: Unknown)

= The second album in question is "St. Anger." The band was grappling with a significant crisis and sought to overcome it by implementing changes in processes, work dynamics, and musical style. In this period, Lars experimented with something novel. For technical clarity, underneath the snare drum, there are iron coils that normally attach to the bottom of the drum when stretched by a lever, creating the typical snare sound. However, during a rehearsal, Lars unintentionally left the lever open, allowing the coils to remain loose. When he started playing, he was captivated by the resulting sound—a blend of a tom-tom drum with a metallic echo. Struck by this unexpected discovery, he chose to maintain this unique sound throughout the recording of the "St. Anger" album, a moment he is unlikely to forget.

= The third album is "LuLu", Metallica's famous and infamous project with singer and musician Lou Reed. Both sides were moved to tears by the work and the result of the album, Metallica members said they were excited every day to work with Lou Reid in the studio, and Lou Reid said Metallica got the best out of him. We are left speechless...

Lars, known for his articulate nature, assumed the role of the band's spokesperson, a role that became especially pronounced during the Metallica v. Napster, Inc. controversy. Metallica took legal action against Napster for copyright infringement, as the platform facilitated the sharing of the band's songs. The decision drew substantial criticism from fans and the wider audience, with Lars, in particular, facing significant backlash for the band's stance. In retrospect, Lars expresses regret for his and the band's conduct in the case.

(Photo: Metallica PR)

= In 1998, Lars co-founded a record company named Music Company with the band's accountant, Tim Duffy. Unfortunately, the venture was not successful and closed its operations in 2002.

= A significant milestone in Lars' career came in 2009 when Metallica, and subsequently Lars himself, became the first Dane to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Notably, in 2016, Lars delivered the induction speech for his teenage favorite band, Deep Purple, at the Hall of Fame.

= Throughout his extensive musical journey, Lars has been exclusively associated with Metallica, with one exception. He played the song "Return of the Vampire" from the band Mercyful Fate's 1993 album "In The Shadows," a group he admired.

= During the recording of the iconic album "Master Of Puppets," Lars sought a specific sound and the distinctive "Black Beauty" snare from the Ludwig drum company, despite his usual preference for Tama drums. Due to the connection between QPrime, Metallica's management company, and Def Leppard, Lars requested the same snare that Rick Allen used. This unusual request was granted, even though Lars eventually managed to locate the snare in Copenhagen.

= Additional interesting facts about Lars and the "Master Of Puppets" album include his attempt to enlist Geddy Lee from Rush as the producer, taking drum lessons during the recording, and influencing Megadeth's musical direction for the album "Risk" by encouraging Dave Mustaine to take more risks.

= In recognition of his contributions, Lars received the title of knight from the Queen of Denmark Margrethe II in 2017, belonging to the Order of the Dannebrog.

In 1995, the AHEAD brand introduced metal drumsticks with Lars' signature. Prior to using these sticks, Lars would develop blisters on his hands during play, resorting to using plasters to wrap his fingers.

(Photo: Unknown)

= Lars is a famous private art curator and holds a collection of sculptures, paintings, and other works of art, by famous artists worth tens of millions of dollars.

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