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Kiss - Love Gun

"Kiss's" sixth album, "Love Gun", was released on June 30, 1977.

Here are 10 interesting facts about the album:

1. The album "Love Gun" is released at the peak of the band's popularity and completes a streak of five albums in just three years.

2. It is also the first album featuring vocals by all four members of the band and the first in which Ace Frehley contributes vocals.

3. The song in which Ace contributes his voice for the first time is "Shock Me" whose writing was influenced by a real case in which Ace was electrocuted during a performance on 12/12/76 in Florida. Read more about the case here.

4. This is the last album where drummer Peter Criss plays on all the songs. Criss will play only one song on Kiss' next 1979 album "Dynasty", and he will return to play with the band only in 1998 on the album "Psycho Circus", also there not on all songs.

5. This album will also was the beginning of controversy between the four members of the band, Ace Frehley and Peter Criss will seek greater creative freedom and the result will eventually lead to the release of four solo albums by each member, a year later, under the Kiss brand.

6. Paul Stanley admitted that the opening song of the album "I Stole Your Love" was influenced by the song "Burn" by "Deep Purple".

7. At the time still anonymous, Alex Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen played in the demo of the song "Christine Sixteen".

8. The theme song "Love Gun" is one of the band's favorite songs and has been played in all of the band's performances since its release.

9. It was the first song Paul Stanley wrote and produced independently. Paul Stanley also played the bass roles during the recording of the song.

10. Paul Stanley admitted he stole the idea for the lyrics to the song "Love Gun" from Albert King's so it's music to the song "How Many More Times" that appeared on their first album.

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