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Ace Frehley - "Shock Me"

On December 12, 1976, "Kiss" guitarist Ace Frehley nearly died during a performance at the "Civic Center" in Lakeland, Florida, USA, following an unexpected technical malfunction that caused him to get electrocuted, on stage.


Immediately after performing the song "Detroit Rock City", the band stepped off the stage. When Ace Frehley got off, he grabbed a metal railing to stabilize himself, thus closing an electric circuit with the guitar he was holding in his other hand. He was electrocuted, his hand continued to grip the railing and he was unable to move. He finally let go and fell a few feet to the level below the stairs.

Frehley, who was shocked by the incident, said he saw his life pass before his eyes and if he had not fallen to the lower level and continued to grip the railing he would surely have died. He took a 10-minute break in the locker room, when he was sure he could not finish the show, but the fans called his name and he decided to return to the stage to end the show. He lost the feeling in his hands but apparently, the adrenaline still allowed him to keep playing.

The case inspired Frehley to write and sing "Shock Me", the first song he ever sang, which was included on the band's next album "Love Gun". which was released in 1977.

Frehley noted that the band members told him why he did not write a song about the electric shock, and then he decided to write the song and also sing it.

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