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Nirvana Vs. Nirvana

A Sneak Peek...

And this time, on the day "Nirvana" filed a lawsuit against "Nirvana".

So.. on May 2, 1992, the English band "Nirvana" filed a lawsuit against the well-known band from Seattle of the same name.

The British band was formed in London in 1965 and its main activity was from 1967 to 1974. The musical style of the English band ranged from pop, folk and rock with touches of jazz.

In 1967 the English band released an album that was considered the first full concept album, which included a featured story and was called "The Story of Simon Simopath".

In 1992 as stated, the lawsuit was filed for the unlawful and unauthorized use of the band name. The lawsuit ended in a settlement outside the court and the Seattle band payed compensation to the English band, in a way that allows the Seattle band to continue the use of the name "Nirvana".

It is interesting to note that in those years the English band recorded a cover version of the song "Lithium". The intention was to release an album called "Nirvana Sings Nirvana" which would include cover versions of the grunge band songs.

However, after Kurt Cobain's death this project was shelved, and all that was left was the cover version of the song "Lithium" which was included on the album "Orange and Blue" that the British band released in 1996. This album included rare tracks that did not fit into the band's previous albums.

You can listen to the cover version, here:

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