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Jimmy Bain

He was in bands like "Rainbow", "Thin Lizzy", "Dio", he played with Gary Moore, Phil Lynott and recorded the bass roles for the album "Love at First Sting" with "Scorpions". He's a bassist who was part of great masterpieces in hard rock and metal, but not many know that he's also a singer and keyboardist.

(Photo: Fin Costello)

Here are some facts about Jimmy Bain:

1. He was born in Scotland on December 19, 1947. His full name is James Stewart Bain.

2. Already at a young age he started playing in local bands, but his first serious band was "Street Noise".

3. In 1974 he joined the music scene in London and joined the band "Harlot".

4. His big opportunity came in 1975 after guitarist Ritchie Blackmore watched him perform at "The Marquee" in London and invited him to join "Rainbow".

5. Bain recorded the album "Rising" with the band in 1976 and went on tour to promote it.

6. Bain later also appeared on the band's first live album - "On Stage" from 1977.

7. In January 1977 Ritchie Blackmore fired him from the band and Bain joined John Cale from the band "The Velvet Underground", accompanying him on a European tour.

8. In 1978 he formed the band "Wild Horses" which also included guitarist Brian Robertson from the band "Thin Lizzy". In addition to playing the bass, Bain also served as the lead singer and songwriter.

9. The band will release two studio albums. "Wild Horses" from 1980 and "Stand Your Ground" from 1981.

10. His friendship with Brian Robertson and Phil Lynott will lead him to play bass in the song "With Love" from Thin Lizzy's 1979 album "Black Rose: A Rock Legend".

11. In 1980 Bain was featured on the album "Solo in Soho" - Phil Lynott's first solo album. He played keyboards. Later he will also join the live line-up of Lynott's as a keyboardist.

12. In 1982 he was featured on two songs from "The Philip Lynott Album", Phil Lynott's second solo album, this time playing bass and singing background vocals.

13. In 1983 Bain played bass on the album "Dirty Fingers", Gary Moore's third solo album.

14. That same year he was asked by Ronnie James Dio to join his new solo lineup. Bain was part of a series of masterpiece albums released by the band in 1983-1987, namely: "Holy Diver", "The Last In Line", "Sacred Heart", "Intermission", "Dream Evil". In addition to playing bass, Bain will also play keyboards and will be a full partner in writing the materials for the albums.

15. Believe it or not, Bain also plays in three songs from singer Kate Bush's 1982 album "The Dreaming".

16. In 1984 he was commissioned by Rudolf Schenker to record the album "Love At First Sting". Although Bain recorded the bass roles for the album, following the band's management's opposition to adding a non-German member, his roles were re-recorded by bassist Francis Buchholz.

17. Bain was also part of a charity project by metal artists to raise donations for the victims of hunger in Africa - "Hear 'n Aid" from 1986.

18. In 1989 Bain formed the band "World War III" together with guitarist Tracy G who's also known for his work with "Dio". The band released its eponymous album in 1991.

19. In 2000 Bain will return to "Dio" for the band's excellent concept album "Magica". He will later stay for the album "Killing the Dragon", from 2002.

20. In 2005 he formed another band called "3 Legged Dogg", together with drummer Vinny Appice and guitarist Carlos Cavazo. The band will release an album called "Frozen Summer" in 2006.

21. In 2012 he formed together with the veterans of "Dio" a new band named "Last in Line", called after the second album of "Dio". The band consisted of guitarist Vivian Campbell, drummer Vinny Appice, keyboardist Claude Schnell and singer (guitarist) Andrew Freeman.

22. The band released their excellent debut album "Heavy Crown" in 2016.

23. That same year during the "Def Leppard" "Hysteria on the High Seas" cruise, the "Last in Line" was scheduled to perform as part of the set.

24. Unfortunately, on January 23, 2016, Jimmy Bain passed away in his cell, before performing with the band.

To listen to the latest album he released with "The Last In Line" Click Here.

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