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Iron Maiden - Live At The Rainbow

On December 21, 1980, this mythical "Iron Maiden" performance was held. A year later it was released as a videotape known as "Iron Maiden - Live At The Rainbow".

This is Maiden's first videotape featuring one of Adrian Smith's first appearances with the band. This is actually one of the first footage of this heavy metal band.

This performance was recorded before the release of the album "Killers", and includes a slightly different version of the song "Killers", with lyrics different from those in the album's final version.

In the early 80s, this tape that became a rare collector's item found its way into Israel. Years later excerpts from the recordings appeared on DVD. "The History of Iron Maiden - Part 1: The Early Days".

We got lucky to put our hands on a pirated copy of a maiden'sVHS tape of that show that became the focus of a pilgrimage of organized screenings held for our friends, fans of "Heavy metal". For hours we sat in the small living room and watched the tape to the displeasure of our parents and the neighbors.

This tape was for us the entrance ticket to the wonderful world of "Iron Maiden" and since then, for more than forty years, these images will be engraved in our memory as the founding moment in which we knew the face behind the sounds.

This historic show opens with "Ides Of March" featuring Paul Di'Anno in the final moments before the show. Paul straps on his thick belt and walks with his friends behind the scenes of the iconic hall towards the stage, with the instrumental section playing in the background until its end and the "explosion" that followed, with the beating bass of Steve Harris leading one of the band's greatest songs from the Di'Anno era - "Wrathchild" .

Unfortunately, the video version available on YouTube does not include this very special intro, so here it is, just not in full sync:

Song List:

  1. "The Ides of March" (intro)

  2. "Wrathchild"

  3. "Killers" (Harris, Paul Di'Anno)

  4. "Remember Tomorrow" (Harris, Di'Anno)

  5. "Transylvania" (instrumental)

  6. "Phantom of the Opera"

  7. "Iron Maiden"

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