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Dee Gees (Foo Fighters) - Hail Satin

Ladies and Gentleman, "The Disco is here again" !!

Without a doubt, COVID-19 has given a crazy boost to Dave Grohl's ideas and creativity, and this time the "Foo Fighters" are bringing the disco back to the soundtrack of our lives !!

The Foo's released the album "Hail Satin" on July 17, on "Record Store Day" to celebrate this special day and keep the record stores in our consciousness so we won't forget the physical place where we used to discover new music.

(Photo: Magdalena Wosinska)

This tribute album to the "Bee Gees" was released exclusively on vinyl, with "A" side consisting of five covers of the "Bee Gees'" disco songs and side "B" consisting of five songs from the band's latest album "Medicine At Midnight" recorded at live shows. The Foo's even changed their name in favor of this special record, so on the cover, you will see the name "Dee Gees" embedded in the "Bee Gees" famous logo.

Earlier that year, the "Foo Fighters" covered both You Should Be Dancing (for Jo Wiley’s BBC show) and Shadow Dancing (for the Rock n’ Relief Livestream). As Grohl previously stated, he became obsessed with the "Bee Gees" after watching the HBO documentary about the hitmakers.

During the recordings of "Medicine At Midnight", one of the band members mentioned the documentary in a conversation, the band started talking about it and suddenly Dave suggested that they record a cover version.

They recorded the instrumental part and to host the end of the recordings Dave thought to himself, wait a minute why will I not sing this, so here is the final result...

The five covers were recorded, live, in the band's studio "Studio 606"

Song list on the album:

Side A — The DEE GEES: 1. You Should Be Dancing 2. Night Fever 3. Tragedy 4. Shadow Dancing 5. More Than a Woman

Side B — LIVE at 606: 1. Making A Fire 2. Shame Shame 3. Waiting on a War 4. No Son of Mine 5. Cloudspotter

So put on your Bell-bottoms and high hills and press play on: Spotify, Apple Music

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