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Bring Me The Horizon - Amo

This is the controversial album "AMO" by the British band "Bring Me The Horizon"

so lets open with a quote from Oliver Sykes, the singer of the band:

“Everything boils down to love in the end"

In accordance with this controversial sentence, the album is also like this, Oliver and keyboardist Jordan Fish take the experimental and electronic line that began in 2013 with the album "Sempiternal" which was strengthened in 2015 with the album "That's the Spirit" to new territories and give it a much larger volume and variety than before.

The two guys here take the concept of "love" and break it down between the songs, as it moves on the line between pure romance and toxic passion and what happens between them. Oliver said that the source of this is his divorce in 2016 and his second marriage in 2017.

He said that he felt as if he had lived an entire life in one year and everything was centered around love. He had many difficult and stressful moments and also many good and happy moments and this is what brought him to write about love (it does sound a bit tacky on paper but less so on the album).

If in the two previous albums, the electronic elements were present to serve the power of the drums and guitars and were incorporated in a dose that did not give it excessive dominance, here the situation is the opposite and the direction is different.

There are songs such as the opening "I Apologise If You Feel Something", "Nihilist Blues", "Ouch", "Why You Gotta Kick Me When I'm Down?", "Fresh Bruises" in which the electronic element clearly dominates and is the one that leads The song itself.

(Photo: Pretty Puke)

It's not for nothing that the first single released from the album was "Mantra" which is without a doubt the definitive metal on the album, the band wanted to show its fans that it is still faithful to the original, but it completely does not give a glimpse of everything the album contains. It was also accompanied by the singles "Wonderful Life" with guest star Dani Filth, "Sugar Honey Ice & Tea", "In the Dark", "Medicine" and more.

There might be an excuse for fans to be angry or upset because what started as a predatory lion, today takes more the form of a Dalmatian dog! Sounds bad, but this is our perspective and this is despite or actually in accordance with the fact that the album went straight to first place in the British charts.

In every album that the band released, it underwent a certain transformation, one of the beautiful things about this band (beyond the fact that they are extremely talented and brave) is that each of their albums is different from the previous one. If you take "Count Your Blessings", which was released in 2006 and fits the deathcore genre, and compare it to "Amo", you won't believe it's the same band.

Let's just say that even its DNA has undergone a bit of a transformation itself.

It cannot be denied that these talented members are brave and do not give a damn about anyone and their creative freedom is most important to them. They push and challenge themselves in everything related to the creation and you can clearly see this in their performances, which until a year ago looked like a completely normal rock show and today it looks like a colorful combination of "Slipknot" mixed with Justin Bieber, without a doubt it should be an experience.

It's not for nothing that Oliver sings in the song "Heavy Metal":

"I'm afraid you don't love me anymore 'Cause a kid on the 'gram in a Black Dahlia tank Says it ain't heavy metal"

So don't listen to a word from anyone. Listen to the album and judge for yourself, by listening on: Spotify, Apple Music

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