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Bon Jovi - New Jersey

"Bon Jovi's" second "hit album" and their fourth "New Jersey" was released on September 19, 1988.

So here are some interesting facts about it:

1. The album was recorded in just 4 weeks, after the end of the tour of the album "Slippery When Wet" which lasted 16 months. Richie Sambora and Jon Bon Jovi could not wait and were determined to record a new album that would prove they are capable of producing another uncompromising "hit album".

2. The title of the album while the working process was "Sons of Beaches", another name that was considered was "68 And I Owe You One", but these names were abandoned because the band feared public opinion, and in the end, the name chosen was the name of their country of birth.

3. They had a lot of materials and ideas and together they created 17 demos for the new album, but then the anxiety started to seep in and John panicked that he would not be able to replicate the success of the previous album. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie felt "they don't have it", in any of the 17 songs recorded.

4. John claimed in one of his interviews that it was not the money that motivated them to produce another strong album of hits, but the desire to experience, again, the same insane success they had experienced on the previous album.

5. However, Richie claimed that they did not want to repeat themselves, but rather try to produce hits with some diversity of musical style. The diversity can be found in the long and epic intro to the song "Lay Your Hands On Me", using the harmonica in the song "Homebound Train", in the flamenco intro in the song "Wild Is the Wind" and more.

(Photo: Bon Jovi Facebook Page)

6. With the addition of the "lyricists" Desmond Child, Diane Warren, Holy Knight, Jon and Richie managed to create no less than 34 songs and it was, of course, clear that they would go on a double album.

7. This is where the record company came in and refused to release a double album, not because of the quality or chances of success of the songs, but because they believed that the price of a double album would be too expensive and stumble sales.

8. So we have 34 songs, we have Bruce Fairbairn who produced the previous album and we also have a technician named Bob Rock who understands a thing or two in mainstream music, now it remains only to choose from the "pile" of songs the most successful ones.

9. So how do you choose songs ??? As on the previous album, the band is aided by its fans and producer Bruce invites his children's babysitter with all her friends to listen to the songs and rank them.

10. Out of 34 songs, 12 were chosen to create a crazy album of hits which only further strengthened the band's success.

11. Also on this album, the one who wrote all the bass guitar roles and played them was Hugh McDonald, but the one who got credit for that on the album cover was Alec John Such.

12. The song "Lay Your Hands on Me" (which is the fourth single) that opens the album is a statement of intent by "Bon Jovi" which officially announces that it is one of the most successful stadium bands in its generation !! Interestingly, this song won a full cover version by non-other than country star Dolly Parton.

13. The first single "Bad Medicine" was the perfect opening for the release of the band's fourth album, an anthem, rhythmic and a fun one to sing. The song that jumped straight to number one on the charts was the third hit written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora along with Desmond Child. The previous two were "You Give Love A Bad Name" and "Livin 'On A Prayer".

13. The second single from the album "Born to Be My Baby" is a direct sequel to the song "Livin 'on a Prayer" from the previous album when it also deals with a young couple and their difficulties in daily life. Like "Livin 'on a Prayer", This song to was written with the help of Desmond Child.

14. The third single “I’ll Be There For You” and the fifth “Livin In Sin”, are two ballads that Richie Sambora has taken in a more bluesy direction. Some have compared the melody in the song "I'll Be There For You" to "the Beatles'" song "Don't Let Me Down" and this song was sometimes sung in performances by Richie Sambora.

15. Results you ask... sales you wonder... So the album went straight to 8th place on the charts and a week later took first place, where it stayed for 4 weeks in a row. It has sold 7 million copies in the US alone and 5 million in the rest of the world.

16. It's the only hard rock album in the world to put 5 singles in the top ten on the Billboard 100 chart.

17. This is also the band's first album to reach number one in the UK.

18. It is also the first album of an American band released in the USSR, it was released by a local record company called "Melodiya".

19. After the release of the album, the band went on a worldwide tour that included no less than 237 shows spanning over two years, one of which was historic, held at the Moscow Music Peace Festival.

20. The album was recorded at the "Little Mountain Studio" studios in Vancouver, where other masterpieces were recorded such as: "Metallica's" "Black Album", "Dr. Feelgood" by "Motley Crue", and "Get A Grip" by "Aerosmith".

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