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Bon Jovi - These Days

"Bon Jovi's" sixth album, "These Days", was released on June 27, 1995, so let us tell you 25 facts about it:

1. Two names were considered to serve as the title of the album: "Open All Night" and "Strip", but they were rejected in favor of a title that represented the name of a song from it "These Days".

2. This is the band's first album without bassist Alec John Such.

3. Who replaced him informally in the band was bassist Hugh McDonald.

4. Hugh McDonald's informal membership ended in 2016, after becoming a formal member of the band.

5. The album as a whole tends in a darker direction than the band's previous albums.

6. According to Bon Jovi the album was influenced by the age of grunge and alternative and bands like "Pearl Jam", "Tool" and "Nine Inch Nails".

7. The album was produced by Peter Collins who was chosen by the band following his achievements with bands like "Rush", "Queensrÿche" and Alice Cooper.

8. Recordings of the album began at Bon Jovi's private studio - Sanctuary I, in Woodstock New York.

9. The recordings were stopped in the middle and the band continued to record the album in Los Angeles, due to the fact that near the recording studio the metal band Fear Factory recorded the album "Demanufacture" and the huge noise interfered with the band and the recordings.

10. With its release, the album jumped straight to number one on the UK charts, washing away Michael Jackson's "History" album.

11. Since then the album has been at the top for 4 consecutive weeks.

12. Five successful singles were released from the album that entered the top ten in the charts.

13. This is the highest number of singles to enter the top ten on the UK charts, of all Bon Jovi's albums.

14. The opening song "Hey God" was influenced by a case where Richie Sambora watched from his limo window on a homeless man living inside a cardboard box. He felt guilty, told Jon Bon Jovi about the case and the two wrote the song about it.

15. The theme song "These Days" is the most played song in the band's performances from the album.

16. The song "(It's Hard) Letting You Go" was written by Bon Jovi for the movie "Moonlight and Valentino" in which he also appeared.

17. The song "Diamond Ring" was originally written for the 1988 album "New Jersey".

18. The song "My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms" was written during a session where Jon Bon Jovi experienced a writing barrier, so he leaned on the song "Bed of Roses" as the anchor from which he began writing.

19. The song "Damned" is based on a man's affair with a married woman.

20. Due to the great success in parades and sales in Europe, the album was released a year later in an expanded version called "These Days Special Edition" and included a disc with 8 bonus tracks.

21. The original version of the album included 12 tracks, 6 of which were co-written by Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora, two by Jon Bon Jovi alone, and four in collaboration with Desmond Child.

22. The Japanese version of the album included 2 more songs: "All I Want Is Everything" and "Bitter Wine".

23. Jon Bon Jovi and Richie Sambora wrote about 40 songs for the album, of which only 12 were selected.

24. The album reached number two on "Q" Magazine's 1995 Great charts.

25. He also won "Kerrang" Magazine's Album of the Year.

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