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Avril Lavigne

This talented Canadian and some even say the woman who invented female Punk-Pop, singer and creator Avril Lavigne, was born on September 27, 1984.

(Photo: David Needleman)

Here are some interesting facts about her…

1. She was born in a small town in Canada where the French language dominates so her father gave her the name Avril which is the month of April in French.

2. There is a local pizzeria in her hometown that has added a pizza named after her to the menu.

3. She is multi-instrumental and knows how to skillfully play a large number of musical instruments.

(Photo: Avril Lavigne)

4. She owns a very successful fashion brand called "Abbey Dawn", she is not only the owner but also the main designer

5. She was married to singer Chad Kroeger from the band "Nickelback", the band everyone loves to hate.

6. She was also married to singer Deryck Whibley from the band "Sum-41" who also produced several her albums.

7. She has released seven albums to date with the last one released in 2022 and called "Love Sux".

Her favorite music video is "Complicated" because it is the first music video she shot.

8. She appeared more than once in the opening show of the Olympic Games, in 2006, 2010 and 2015.

9. The agent Cliff Fabri discovered her and signed her to a contract after seeing and hearing her cover country songs at a bookstore in her hometown.

10. In 2007, two comic books were released called "Make 5 Wishes" starring Levin.

11. In 2015 she was diagnosed with an infectious disease called Lyme Disease which she caught from a tick and almost lost her life

12. She contributed her voice in three films: "Over the Hedge", "Fast Food Nation" and "The Flock" but she still has a dream of becoming a real actress.

13. There are two perfumes bearing her name: "Black Star" and "Forbidden Rose".

14. At the age of 16, she was signed by "LA Reid" to a contract worth 1.25 million dollars, left school, and began her musical career.

Listen to her latest album "Love Sux" on: Spotify, Apple Music

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