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Kim Deal / Kelley Deal / Joey Santiago

A Sneak Peek...

On June 10, two members of the Pixies + sister band were born... the sisters were born in 1961, and Joey was born in 1965

The first is Kim Deal, an American singer, and songwriter

She grew up on bands like the "Sex Pistols", Elvis Costello, Undertones, and more...

In January 1986 she was the only one who responded to an ad in the Boston Phoenix newspaper looking for a bassist. Kim was a guitarist unlike her sister who was a bassist but she took her sister's guitar and went to auditions. Needless to say, she got the job and then the "Pixies" band was formed. She was a member of the band until 2014 and was involved in four of the band's albums in which she adopted the stage name "Mrs. John Murphy". After the Pixies went on hiatus she formed "The Breeders", which after the release of their debut album were joined by her twin sister Kelly. "The Breeders" released five albums and were a resounding success.

The second is Joey Santiago, an American guitarist, and composer

Santiago is best known as the lead guitarist of the American alternative rock band "The Pixies" since 1986. After they took a break in 1993, Santiago produced soundtracks for film and television documentaries and he also co-founded "The Martinis" with his ex-wife Linda Mallari. He also contributed to the albums of Charles Douglas and former "Pixies" band member Frank Black (Black Francis). Santiago renewed his role as lead guitarist for the Pixies when they reunited in 2004.

The third is Kelley Deal, an American musician, and singer, Kim's twin sister !!

She was the lead guitarist and lead singer of the alternative rock band "The Breeders" with her sister Kim since 1992, and has set up her own side projects with bands such as "R. Ring" and the "Kelly Deal 6000".

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