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Jimmy Chamberlin

Here are some interesting facts about drummer and song writer Jimmy Chamberlin:

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1. He was born as James Joseph Chamberlin on June 10, 1964, in Joliet, Illinois.

2. Chamberlin came from a musical family. His father played clarinet, and his older brother Paul played drums in jazz bands. Paul is still an active rock drummer with a local cover band called Chasing Amy.

3. Chamberlin began drumming at the age of 9 and received early instruction in Latin, Brazilian, and big band techniques, with a focus on jazz.

4. He left home at the age of 15 and joined a series of local bands, honing his drumming skills.

5. His influences as a jazz drummer include Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Gene Krupa, and Buddy Rich, while his rock drumming influences include Keith Moon, Ian Paice, and John Bonham.

6. Chamberlin initially joined "The Smashing Pumpkins" in 1988 as a live drummer, replacing the drum machine they used during their early performances.

7. Before joining the band, Chamberlin worked as a carpenter but left his job to move to Chicago and fully devote himself to "The Smashing Pumpkins".

8. Chamberlin's entry quickly pushed the band toward a more powerful and intense sound.

9. Chamberlin's drumming style, characterized by technical proficiency, complex rhythms, and powerful playing, became integral to "The Smashing Pumpkins'" sound.

10. He made significant contributions to the band already with their first album, "Gish", showcasing his skills and contributing to their distinctive sound.

11. During the recording of the band's second album, "Siamese Dream", Chamberlin battled with drug addiction and frequently disappeared into the drug underworld of Atlanta, causing concern among the band members.

12. In the midst of their world tour supporting the multi-platinum album "Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness", Chamberlin's father passed away, exacerbating his substance abuse struggles.

13. This was one of the reasons Jimmy was not part of the band's fourth album "Adore", where the band used other drummers such as Matt Cameron.

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14. On 2001 Chamberlin went on to form the band "Zwan" with Billy Corgan, but the band disbanded in 2003 after releasing their album "Mary Star of the Sea."

15. In 2004, Chamberlin formed his next project, "the Jimmy Chamberlin Complex", and released their first studio album, "Life Begins Again," in 2005.

16. Chamberlin has made guest appearances on numerous albums and live performances, showcasing his versatility as a drummer, one of which is Billy Corgan's solo album "TheFutureEmbrace".

17. More key collaborations include "The Kelley Deal 6000", Jazz saxophonist Frank Catalano and the supergroup "The Last Hard Men" in their Epponymos album from 1998.

18. In 2008, "Gigwise" named Chamberlin the 5th best drummer of all time.

19. While giving drum clinics in late 2009, Chamberlin announced his next project, a band called "This", describing their music as 'progressive, symphonic pop'. They released their first album, a six-track release titled "Great Civilizations," on November 1, 2010.

20. In 2011, a full-length LP of Chamberlin's band, "Skysaw", named ""Great Civilizations was released.

21. In 2016, Rolling Stone ranked Chamberlin 53rd on their list of "100 Greatest Drummers Of All Time."

22. To date, Jimmy released 9 albums with the "The Smashing Pumpkins" and another 7 albums with different artists.

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