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Aerosmith Bailes Out Fans After Pot Arest

Recently and especially following the Covid-19 crisis, we mention the phrase "mutual responsibility".

On October 3, 1978 "Aerosmith" proved to their fans what true "mutual responsibility" is, when they bailed 30 of them out of jail, after they were arrested during the band's performance at the "Fort Wayne Coliseum" in Indiana, just for smoking marijuana.

(Photo: Wordpress)

The mass arrest occurred at a concert held by "Aerosmith" on October 3, 1978 at the "Coliseum" in Forth Wayne, Indiana, in front of an audience of 10,000 people. The performance was held as part of the concert tour designed to promote the excellent live album "Live Bootleg!".

In the middle of the performance, police entered the concert hall and dragged away 70 boys who were suspected of smoking joints and drinking alcohol, under the legal age. Among those arrested was the band's designer and dresser.

Steven Tyler, cursed the policemen from above the stage through the amplification system.

After finishing the show as planned, "Aerosmith" offered all of their arrested fans bail, at their own expense.

Of all the fans arrested that night, 28 accepted the band's offer and were released on bail totaling $3,650.

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